Surgical Critical Care Fellowship Personal Statement

The University of Pittsburgh on Surgical Critical Care is being accredited by ACGME. Their goal is to teach individuals clinical knowledge as well as technical skills in critical care, acute care surgery, and trauma. They make sure that you will be able to become a confident critical care practitioner, educator, and administrator. Read about surgical oncology fellowship personal statement too, in case you’re interested in it.

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Surgical Critical Care Fellowship Overview

The Surgical Critical Care fellowship program includes rotations on surgical, trauma, neurovascular, Neurotrauma, abdominal organ transplantation and Cardiothoracic. Some of the elective rotations include obstetrics, burn care, pediatrics, and gynecology. Additionally, they will have a great experience in Surgical Critical Care. The fellowship includes critical care workshop, lecture, conferences, and rotation based educational materials. You also have access to their research conferences, mortality conferences, quality improvement, grand rounds, and journal clubs. With Surgical Critical Care fellowship program, you have access to their medical education techniques and scientific methods. Check our opthalmology fellowship personal statement to learn more about it.

How to Apply for the Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

Completed 3 years of training in an ACGME approved neurosurgery, general surgery, and gynecology and obstetrics program. Since the Surgical Critical Care fellowships do not involve with ERAS, all applications are submitted to the CCM office of education. Regarding the requirements need to submit, here is the list:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation from the training program director, faculty members, and current department head
  • ECFMG certificate (if applicable)
  • USMLE one, two and three scores
  • Surgical Critical Care personal statement, you can check our pediatric critical care fellowship personal statement too

Surgical Critical Care fellowship

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