Sleep Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement

Sleep Medicine fellowshipThe University of Washington sleep medicine fellowship program is offering clinical fellowship that is ACGME accredited. They have multidisciplinary programs that involve neurology, pediatrics, pulmonary medicine, dentistry, Otolaryngology and psychiatry that is accepting applications from applicants who are eligible on internal medicine and more.

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Overview of Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine is a relatively new area of clinical research that emphasizes the role of sleep in healthy human functions. Sleep medicine fellows can expect to have significant clinical duties as well as research interests since the field is strongly rooted in bettering our current understanding about sleep as a whole – including what happens during sleep from a neurological perspective, as well as what it can do long-term. The field of sleep medicine is a highly interdisciplinary one, in which Fellows are expected to have strong knowledge in Psychiatry, Neurology, and even Cardiology. It is important to have an excellent bedside manner since patient histories are critical in determining the cause and symptoms of sleep disorders. As the population continues to age and electronics become more prevalent, the number of people complaining about sleep disorders, as well as the demand for sleep medicine physicians, has increased.

The goal of Washington sleep medicine fellowship is to provide outstanding clinical training to candidates that have high academic potential. They also want to give training when it comes to scholarly activities. The training site for Washington sleep medicine o located at Harborview Medical Center but you can also have an additional training site at the Seattle Children’s Hospital Center. The university participates in the Electronic Residency Application service and the National Resident Matching Program.

How to Apply for Sleep Medicine Fellowship

The sleep medicine fellowships select applicants based on their ability and preparedness. This is a program that is applicable for candidates who have completed or have plans in mastering family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, and Otolaryngology. In addition to sleep medicine requirements, you need to submit:

  • One page of sleep medicine personal statement
  • Career objectives
  • Medical school dean’s letter
  • USMLE scores
  • Three letters of recommendation

If you are finished in submitting your sleep medicine fellowships application, it will be reviewed by their program director as well as the selection committee. After the review, they will choose who will have an interview and who will not.

Writing Sleep Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement

In order to write a good sleep medicine personal statement or addiction medicine fellowship personal statement, it is important to stay focused and remember that your goal is to make yourself sound different than the rest of the applicants. In a very competitive field such a sleep medicine, many of the applicants have very similar looking applications materials, with the same high test scores and the same grades. In order to stand out, the way to do so is through strong writing that conveys your interests and captures the attention of the reader. You need to make your statement memorable for the admissions committee, and here are some tips on how to write your sleep medicine fellowship personal statement:

  • Focus on a single topic. Especially for interdisciplinary fields such as sleep medicine, try to be focused and specific when you talk about what your interests are.
  • Capture the reader from the first sentence. It should be catchy but not cliché, something that makes the reader want to keep on reading.
  • Make your writing interesting. A good way to do this is to let your own voice shine through and tell a story.
  • Never copy your resume or cover letter. These are separate documents for a reason; they are not designed to capture the attention of the reader to make you stand out for your writing. The personal statement is where you bring your passion to life.
  • Be sure to emphasize why you chose to enter the field. Motivation can be a strong determinant of who gets selected for a fellowship, and it also makes it much easier to make the entire personal statement flow.
  • Make sure you get organized before you start writing. Be sure to use some sort of organizational tool to make sure you jot down all your ideas first. This way, you won’t be surprised at how little or how much room you have left.
  • The writing should always be concise. The personal statement should never feel like it is rambling on and on. Each sentence must be crafted to a point and should emphasize you as a candidate rather than simply taking up space.

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