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Writing a Personal Statement for Top MIGS Fellowship Programs

The MIGS fellowship was developed to help fellows in gynecology and obstetrics program. The fellowship is offering comprehensive training to fellows who are interested in minimally invasive surgery. The educational objectives of the program focus on anatomical principles, evidence-based medicine, operative hysteroscopy, operative laparoscopy, robotics, and instrumentation. Learn more about it and cytopathology fellowship personal statement here.

Application Process for MIGS Fellowship

  • All sections of the gynecologic surgery application form should fill up by applicants. To be eligible, applicants for MIGS fellowship UNLV need to submit a complete application. For requested information that is not available, candidates required to give an explanation.
  • Submit a complete form to the application system of the ob-gyn or minimally invasive surgery fellowship.
  • Completed and final application will be accepted. For revisions after submitting an application should notify the administrative office.
  • Pay the non-refundable fee.

Submit additional documents required by the MIGS fellowship programs like,

  • Photo
  • CV
  • 3 letters of reference (one should come from the residency director)
  • ACGME case list
  • Personal statement (here’s radiology personal statement sample)
  • ECFMG certificate (if applicable)
  • Official copy of USMLE
  • TOEFL IBT certificate (if applicable)

List of MIGS Fellowship Programs

UNC In the past years, the program gained national and regional recognition for their efforts to give the best laparoscopic surgery for pelvic pain and women management. They excel in research, clinical and training programs. They have a dual purpose, which is to train fellows who will give top quality patient care.
Northwestern University The fellowship program is AAGL accredited in MIGS. They are offering a comprehensive labroscopic surgical training that is supported by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The aim of the program is to train fellows to give excellent surgical and clinical care to women having complex gynecologic disorders.
Duke University This is one of the best MIGS fellowship programs and their faculty gives expertise in MIGS, and they are trained in the cutting-edge and latest procedures for treatments and evaluation for endoscopic surgery.
University of Tennessee They are proud in offering MIGS fellowship that is approved through a formal affiliation agreement with AAGL. The program of the university is the best fellowship to learn MIGS.

If you are still looking for other fellowship programs, you can check out Vanderbilt University medical center MIGS fellowship and MIGS fellowship program of Mount Sinai health system. The programs are offering the best and comprehensive training for fellows.

Tips on Writing the Personal Statement

All medical schools ask for neonatology fellowship requirements and writing a personal statement. The ob-gyn education personal statement, let’s say, should be interesting and awesome to impress the admission committee. Here are some tips for gynecologic specialties or surgeries statement:

  • Importance: Your personal statement should be free from any mistakes. The essay should be well written that is why you need to proofread your personal statement or run it through a grammar checker.
  • Length: If you will submit your personal statement to AMCAS, your personal statement length must approximately 5,300 characters. It doesn’t need to use all the space, but it is better to use most of it to display your traits and personality.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the personal statement is to sell or present yourself, to demonstrate your communication skills, to show motivation, to explain irregularities and to demonstrate your understanding.


  • Write a draft: You need to write drafts as soon as possible so that you can construct a magnificent personal statement before the submission deadline. Do not worry if your output is longer than one page because you can eliminate excess details later on.
  • Be concise: Do not repeat information over and over again with the use of different words. It will just make your personal statement boring. One of the keys to having a successful statement is not boring your readers. You need to write information straight to the point.
  • Do not exaggerate and be truthful: You should not include any details that are not believable. Keep in mind that you should not destroy yourself by exaggerating. In explaining yourself, you do not need to explain everything, just what you know and in which you are involved.
  • Make it interesting: See to it your personal statement is interesting, especially the beginning and conclusion.
  • Elaborate: As much as possible, elaborate activities you had and give insights into your personality and character. You can include activities or interests steering areas where you can shine.


  • Avoid using jargon because it will make the readers feel inadequate or uncomfortable.
  • Do not demonstrate prejudice, whether ethnic, religious, etc.
  • Do not waste your time telling readers how much you know about MIGS. Just let them know about your experiences.

dos and donts of personal statement for migs fellowship

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