Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine PS Writing Tips

Orthopaedic Surgery Fellowship Application

Surgical sports medicine is one of the sub-specialties of orthopaedic surgery and applicants to a orthopaedic surgery sports medicine fellowship program will need to have completed their residency in orthopaedic surgery before entering a fellowship program, although the application may begin during residency. Part of the application process includes writing a personal statement for fellowship. Fellowship programs in sports medicine are extremely competitive. The orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine sample fellowship personal statement may provide you with your best chance of getting into a fellowship program.

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As it is so competitive, a personal statement must get you noticed and make a strong case for why you should be one of those accepted into a fellowship program. The goal of the Stanford University sports medicine fellowship program is to offer PM and R physicians with additional training. The university has state of art facilities that has great on-site clinics, therapy gym as well as a surgery center. You can also read about the psychiatry fellowship personal statement.

Sports Medicine Overview

Sports medicine fellowship is your guide to have a great future. With them, you will learn about the PM and R, physical therapy radiology and orthopedic surgery. You will see how to treat patients from diverse populations that are based on gender, age, socioeconomic status, culture, and ethnicity. You will also be exposed to team coverage and athletic experience through Stanford training. You will also be exposed to how to treat disabled sports. You have lots of opportunities to have with the institution. You learn numerous principles about running analysis, biomechanical, lactate testing and bike fit evaluations.

How to Apply for Sports Medicine Fellowship

  • Publish peer-reviewed journal
  • California medical license
  • Board certified
  • Submit the dean’s letter
  • Submit medical school transcripts
  • Original sports medicine personal statement

Before applying, makes sure that all requirements needed are complete. Check if you never miss a single thing because the process is applying to Sports medicine at Stanford University is crucial. Regardless, since one of the requirements is a sports medicine personal statement, be sure it is original and personal.
Sports Medicine fellowship

Useful Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Personal Statement Fellowship Writing Tips

By this stage, applicants to fellowship programs have essentially proven their academic abilities. They will have completed medical school and be well on their way to concluding their residency requirements. Most if not all applicants to programs will be well qualified. One of the keys to being accepted into a fellowship program is the personal statement. The following tips can help you write a personal statement for fellowships that get admissions attention:

  • Provide your reasons for choosing orthopaedic surgery sports medicine as a specialty. It is critical that you offer specific reasons because admissions committees look at your motivation for choosing the field to judge your commitment. A generic statement won’t get you an interview.
  • Make your personal statement interesting. Not always easy. A good beginning is to establish a focus/theme for your statement and include a personal anecdote that is related. Interesting doesn’t mean it must be thrilling. A normal incident can be interesting and display some insightful observations.
  • Avoid clichés and quotes. Most of them have been done to death and admissions committees prefer your words.
  • Proofread your personal statement. Four years as a college undergrad, four years of medical school and five years as a resident and you submit a personal statement with spelling mistakes? A fast trip to the rejection pile in most cases.

Using an example of personal statement fellowship applicants from past years have written as a writing guide can be helpful. Here is an example of a personal statement for orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine fellowship application and check our orthopaedic trauma fellowship personal statement too:

I first developed an interest in orthopaedics while in medical school and that interest continued to grow. Choosing orthopaedic surgery as a specialty was an easy decision for me and one that I don’t regret. It is an area where you can see immediate results, which provides a sense of satisfaction for me. I have always been an active participant in sports and would like to apply to your school’s orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship program. My interest in a sports medicine fellowship isn’t only due to enjoying sports. Through my participation in sports, I have met several elite athletes who have had a career-ending injury. I would like to do what I can to not only repair and rehabilitate career-threatening injuries but to return a person’s ability to do what they are best at to them.

Many injuries experienced by athletes need not have ever occurred. By completing the orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship program I will also gain the knowledge to advise athletes on conditioning techniques that will help prevent unnecessary injuries and keep relatively minor injuries from becoming worse. Although repairing something that was damaged, and getting it to function again at full capacity is satisfying, it is better to never have suffered the damage in the first place. I realize not every injury can be prevented and not every operation will be able to return 100 percent capability to an individual but I feel it is an obligation for a physician to provide themselves with the tools that enable them to do the best they possibly can.

I enjoy the field of orthopaedic medicine and look forward to a career in sports medicine. Your fellowship program will provide me with the tools I need to do the best possible job for those whose health I am responsible for.

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orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine

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