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fellowship letter of intentA fellowship letter of intent is basically a cover letter in which you make the first attempt to introduce yourself to the selection committee. Writing a letter of intent for fellowship has been compared to making a sales pitch when you submit an application package because it has to be engaging enough for the reader to want to read more about you. Once you have decided on which fellowship programs you want to apply for then it is time to impress the people who have the power to approve your application through your letter of intent. Fellowship writing of all types and fellowship thank you letter too is our specialty.

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When You Need to Write Letter of Intent for Fellowship

A letter of intent may seem old-fashioned, especially in today’s world where everything arrives through email. However, despite the fact that your applications materials will most likely be filed electronically, it is important to craft your letter of intent very carefully, with attention to detail to ensure that the format is correct and that you are able to express your interest in the fellowship position clearly. Usually, a letter of intent is written as an introduction, or preface, to an applicant’s application. This letter is designed to introduce an applicant’s qualifications for the job position being offered and expounds a little on unique aspects of the applicant.

It is important to remember that the letter of intent for a fellowship differs from that which you would write for a job, although they do share many similarities. The fellowship letter must demonstrate a keen understanding of the medical field, as well as a true desire to help patients and continue to learn throughout the training process. Letters of intent written for job purposes typically act more to pique the interest of the reader, urging them to further review the rest of your application. Although the fellowship letter should also do this, it is important to highlight different aspects.

It is very important to write a letter of intent for your fellowship application especially if you have special circumstances which may impact your candidacy. Although your personal statement may mention these experiences, you cannot afford to waste precious space explaining too deeply about negative occurrences. Rather, these should be explained in the letter of intent, and put in a way which makes the committee realize that you have overcome obstacles in your path towards applying for a fellowship. It is a professional way to preface and prepare the reader to see your application in a new light and demonstrate your professionalism and honesty.

What a Fellowship Letter of Intent Should Include

A fellowship letter of interest should be addressed to a specific person. Therefore it is important that you determine the right person to whom you must send the application package. Many universities now require that you send the application electronically, but the fellowship letter of intent must be the first indication that the reader has of your credentials and interest in the program. The block format is the one recommended for fellowship resume.

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Provide your name and the fellowship for which you are applying. Provide any pertinent information about your background to demonstrate that you meet the admission criteria. The second paragraph should provide brief details about your qualifications. You should not go into specifics here in this part of the fellowship letter of interest because you want to entice the reader to read your resume. In the third paragraph, thank the reader for his/her time and state that you would love to discuss the application in an interview.

  • The full name and address of the program that you are applying to. As a professionally formatted document, you must make sure that everything is spelled correctly; you may not be formally mailing it in, but it demonstrates your attention to professionalism and detail.
  • Be sure to start with polite salutations and by thanking the committee. Your introductory paragraph should not only demonstrate your respect to the committee but give them a look into the roots of your passion for medicine and your fellowship specialty.
  • The next paragraph should expound on one, or maybe two, special experiences you have had that are particularly of interest to the field and which demonstrate strong qualities such as leadership or mastery of special techniques.
  • Be sure to not oversell yourself in the second paragraph. Although you want to make sure you appear excellent, you also want to make sure you are a believable candidate.
  • End with a paragraph that expresses your interest in the program in particular, and be sure to thank the committee for their time. Be sure to end with your full name and contact information, just as you would for a job.

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Why You Need Us for Your Fellowship Letter of Intent

You might think that a fellowship letter of intent wouldn’t be that hard to write – until you start. This letter has just as much importance as your fellowship application cover letter and should be free of any errors. Our writers at FellowshipPersonalStatement.com ensure that you are completely satisfied with the writing and will work with you until it is completed to your satisfaction.

With all the recommendations for how to make yourself stand out with your application, it can be a dizzying amount of information to integrate and then follow up on. Additionally, writing can be a long and strenuous process, one that most people simply don’t have time for. It is important, therefore, to find someone that you can trust for advice and to help you through the process. Our professionals have been helping fellowship applicants just like you for many years, and we are here to assist you as well! Here are a few of the services we offer:

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