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Personalized Personal statement

Each fellowship personal statement is made from scratch with no templates. To personalize it in the best way, emphasizing your top traits & achievements, we only use your information from the filled questionnaire.

Compliance with the ERAS® & EFDO Standards

Producing fellowship application docs, our highly competent writing experts strictly monitor the conformity of your personal statement with ERAS system requirements and compliance with all EFDO standards.

Writers with medical degrees

Every personal statement writer you may work with here has a verified medical degree. Thus, your fellowship application doc will only be handled by an experienced pro with relevant expertise in your field.

Tailored to your program

A winning personal statement fellowships is a well-targeted one. So all of your program's specifics will be addressed, and your best traits will be emphasized to prove you're the perfect match.

Free unlimited revisions

It doesn't matter how many revisions you will need to ensure your fellowship personal statement is flawless – we'll implement them all without any charge as many times as required for your satisfaction.

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Your money is safe, and you can get it back anytime you need it if there are any issues with your fellowship application doc. Just drop a line to the Support team, and we'll make a refund without questions.


Well-versed in fellowship admission, we can help with the whole package of application docs.

Personal Statement
Personal Statement
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Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation
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Statement of Purpose
Statement of Purpose
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Application Resume/CV
Application Resume/CV
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ERAS® Application Form Completion
ERAS® Application Form Completion
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Medical School Performance Evaluation
Medical School Performance Evaluation
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Cover Letter
Cover Letter
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Letter of Intent
Letter of Intent
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Interview Thank You Letter
Interview Thank You Letter
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Other Types of Admission Docs
Other Types of Admission Docs
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Having years of experience and hundreds of application docs created, our personal statement writers know how to present you as the #1 fellowship candidate.

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Fellowship Personal Statement – Another Step Toward Your Goal

Writing fellowship application documents is a routine and standard task, as it is one of the strictest requirements of most admissions committees. However, what if we tell you that too much depends on your fellowship personal statement? This small writing piece can easily turn the situation around and significantly affect the officials’ decisions.

There are just a few pages that can decide your immediate future and influence the fulfillment of your career goals. So why not get it seriously and make the most out of it? Moreover, we provide the services of the leading personal statement writers who have created hundreds of successful applications that have helped many people worldwide to get spots in their desired fellowship programs.

Who Are the Best Personal Statement Writers?

Another feature of the personal fellowship statement to always remember is that it is a personal story about becoming a specialist in the shell of a formal document. Ideally, you should write it yourself, but the lack of writing skills or time, and the growing requirements of fellowship admissions, are forcing more applicants to seek specialized assistance from the personal statement writer service.

What makes such services in demand? And, most importantly, who are the providers of their writing services?

Experts With Proven Backgrounds

Agree that only an experienced cardiologist can become a good personal statement writer, creating outstanding applications for cardiology programs. This is because they’re well aware of the peculiarities of this field and know what the fellowship committee expects from their best candidates. Our writing service is very careful when it comes to hiring staff, so you can be sure that only the right writing expert will handle your personal statement.

Experience in Creating Fellowship Admission Documents

Although there is an idea that there are no strict requirements regarding medical writing fellowship, this is fundamentally wrong. Each document should have a clear structure, conform to formatting requirements, and contain content that the fellowship committee expects to see. Therefore, professional services also make sure that their writing experts are well aware of the nuances of the admission process and can apply them while working on personal statements.

Advanced Proofreading & Editing Skills

Anyone who has ever encountered a professional editing service knows how this can improve the writing piece. And we are talking not only about eliminating spelling errors and typos but restructuring, formatting & improving the quality of writing. So if you have any doubts regarding your document, make the most of the fellowship personal statement editing service. Specialists will polish the text with the highest quality and work hard to perfect it not to leave your competitors a chance.

What Differs a Personal Statement Fellowships

The biggest mistake anyone can make when preparing application documents is forgetting their purpose. Having no understanding of the goals of your medical fellowship personal statement, you risk creating a poor one, and forgetting about them while writing – sacrifice quality. Below are a few more things to consider according to our service experts’ notes:

  • Your writing piece should show you as a mature and diligent person who knows what they want and how to get it.
  • Fellowship personal statement should aim exclusively at professional interests presentation, i.e., contain only information directly related to its goals and the program.
  • Here you should focus on expertise – your knowledge, skills, abilities, achievements, etc., which may be helpful in further development.
  • The personal statement is about motivation and honesty simultaneously, so here, you should not exaggerate any merits but be frank about your aspirations and plans.

What to Include in a Medical Fellowship Personal Statement

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel thinking about how to add expertise to fellowship personal statements. There are 3 key points that must be included in this kind of writing.

Specialized Knowledge & Clinical Experience

  • Do you have clinical practice? Where? How long has it taken?
  • What role did you have? What were your clinical responsibilities?
  • What cases have influenced you a lot?
  • What difficulties did you face? How did you overcome it?

Of course, listing ALL details or sharing them with a personal statement writing service is unnecessary. Choose up to 4-5 of the most exceptional cases and use them within writing about the triggers that motivated you to develop and shape as a fellowship applicant.

Research Activities

This information must be included in any fellowship personal statement. However, the more emphasis the desired program places on research, the more relevant information you need to mention.

  • What projects did you participate in?
  • What are your research interests? Are there specific topics, issues, or areas?
  • Are you planning to continue your research activity?
  • How much time you’re ready to spend on your investigations in the future?
  • What are the research opportunities of your fellowship program? Why are you interested in it?

It is OK if you feel that your experience is not enough for the chosen fellowship program or that the scope of your research activities is too broad for a practice-oriented program. Just mention it when contacting the fellowship personal statement writing service, and the writer will do their best to target your document appropriately and put you in the best light.

Teaching Activities & Sharing Knowledge

As with research, references to this experience should be correlated with your goals and program features. The more you are interested in further training and teaching, the more information about relevant achievements, skills & plans should be in the personal statement fellowship.

However, our service writers note that it’s worth mentioning at least a few facts about this in any case since sharing knowledge requires great communication skills & the ability to cooperate with others, which is vital in medicine and healthcare.

  • Have you ever taught someone (colleagues, patients, junior students)?
  • What did you manage to achieve with this?
  • What skills and abilities did it give you?

Our Approach to a Medical Writing Fellowship

As different educational levels differ, so do their admission requirements. You cannot use the same application document to enter the next level or even another program. The challenge of preparing a personal statement for fellowship is that it has to be completely original, customized for a current case, and targeted to a specific fellowship program, addressing its features, benefits & capabilities.

That is why our fellowship personal statement writing service is so concerned with content personalization and offers many related guarantees and benefits. Be sure that your document will be created exclusively based on your own materials, per your writing instructions and the information you share with us with a questionnaire. You can communicate with service experts throughout the process to make corrections and leave recommendations for a personal statement improvement. Plus, you have the opportunity to revise and rework the fellowship application without any charge or hidden fee.

Get a Personal Statement Fellowship That Will Win Right Now

Impressing even the most demanding committee and beating the fiercest competition is easy, but only if you know how. Fortunately, our best personal statement writing service is well aware of this and ready to share our knowledge and skills honed over the years. As a bonus, you can communicate with experienced medical experts and enjoy the simplicity and transparency of working with our writing service.

Why wait for inspiration and worry about applying when getting a winning fellowship personal statement is so easy? Just drop us a line on chat or request a callback!