Healthcare Administrative Fellowship Personal Statement

What Is an Administrative Fellowship?

“What is an administrative fellowship?” is a question that we are asked on a regular basis. A healthcare administrative fellowship is a post-graduate fellowship program that provides practical, hands-on experience in various healthcare organizations and academic medical centers. Although these fellowships are in the field of healthcare, they don’t require a medical degree but a graduate degree is necessary. Acceptable graduate degrees include the master of healthcare administration (MHA), master of business administration (MBA) and master of public health (MPH).

How to Write a Healthcare Administrative Fellowship Personal Statement

The personal statement for healthcare administrative fellowship application should address the questions of

  • Why you want to go into healthcare administration and what made you become interested in it as a career
  • Qualities and characteristics you have that make you suitable
  • Short and long-term career goals you have in the field.

healthcare administrative fellowshipThe following are some tips and suggestions to help you write your healthcare administrative fellowship personal statement:

  • Be specific. Selection committees want specifics and not general statements, so try to use a quality sample statement of purpose for healthcare administration or get professional writers’ help. Provide examples and specific information in your personal statement.
  • Don’t use quotations or clichés. Your personal statement should be in your words
  • Use clear and concise language. Statements should be easy to understand and get directly to the points you want to make
  • Proofread. Your personal statement should be free of errors in spelling and grammar similar to high-quality healthcare administration personal statement examples

Reviewing administrative fellowship personal statement examples or medical residency personal statement examples can provide some insight into how you can write your own personal statement but should be used as a guide only and never copied.

Healthcare Administrative Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

Having two parents in the medical field and an interest in medicine myself, it appeared I was predestined for medical school. However, during my undergraduate studies, I began to question my suitability to be a physician. My abilities seemed to lay in other areas. I eventually decided against applying for medical school and opted for a degree in business instead.

I recently completed my MBA at XXX University and graduated with honors. Despite choosing to obtain an MBA rather than a medical degree, I have never lost my desire to serve in the field of medicine in some fashion, which is why I have decided to apply for a healthcare administration fellowship.

I have done volunteer work with the XXX Department of Health for the past three years and my experiences there have served to strengthen my belief that this is the right choice for me. Healthcare management systems are in need of change, and I believe solutions to problems within the healthcare system must come from those within the system itself.

My abilities and background are ideally suited for a role in healthcare administration. To make the best use of my talents, I need to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of healthcare organizations, a need that will be satisfied by the fellowship I am seeking. The fellowship will assist me in my goal to improve the healthcare system from the inside.

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