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Orthopedic Personal Statement: Quick Tips and Pro Tricks

Orthopedic Surgery Personal Statement: What Is It?

An orthopedic personal statement is a document submitted as part of fellowship applications and is meant to showcase your abilities and build your case. This one also emphasizes your passion and qualifications as they relate to the field.

Orthopedic surgery remains one of the most competitive fields and demands considerable skill and expertise. Candidates applying for residency need precision, perseverance, and dedication. The orthopedic fellowship personal statement is your chance to show that you have what it takes. Its goal is to give admission officials a chance to have a good understanding of your personal and professional qualities and what makes you the ideal candidate. What attributes do you possess that would make you an outstanding resident orthopedic doctor?
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Orthopedic Trauma Fellowship Personal Statement Writing Tips

Like a statement of purpose, the orthopedic surgery personal statement offers candidates a chance to make their applications more than an integration of facts and data. An effective personal statement gives personality to your application and allows admissions officials to understand who you are beyond the statistics. It allows you to provide insight into your personal goals, career ambitions, and accomplishments.

The purpose of writing a personal statement for medical fellowship is to communicate why you are a good fit for the orthopedic trauma program at the particular institution. Here’s how to create a stellar personal essay for an orthopedic fellowship.

  • Brainstorm ideas and create an outline

Before you start writing the orthopedic trauma fellowship personal statement, read and understand the instructions. Then, spend time generating ideas for your document. Write down any ideas that come to you and refine them further into an outline. Ask yourself why you chose to become an orthopedic trauma specialist and what your goals are beyond the program. Why did you choose the specific university?

  • Create your draft and revise

Once you have a draft, you can write a personal statement for fellowship. Organize your personal statement into an introduction, body, and conclusion. In your opening paragraph, explain why you are interested in orthopedic surgery and describe your educational background. In the body, discuss why the orthopedic program interests you and why you consider yourself a good fit for the university. Always edit and proofread your personal statements.

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How Long Is the Orthopedic Trauma Personal Statement?

The personal statement is generally a short and precise document that allows applicants to summarize why they would be a great fit for residency in a few paragraphs. Though the length may vary, most personal statements are between 750 and 850 words. That said, you must double-check the application requirements before writing your DPM personal statement.

Important note: a personal statement should be original and customized for every program you apply to. So, if you admit to multiple programs, consider creating several copies for each.

Look at Our Orthopedic Residency Personal Statement Sample

Still unsure what your statement should look like? Here is an orthopedic residency personal statement sample to guide you.

During medical school, I made my decision to do my residency in orthopaedic surgery relatively early on. From the time I decided that orthopaedic surgery was the right choice for me, I also knew that I wanted to specialize in orthopaedic trauma. It is a field that provides everything I wanted from a career in medicine and where I feel my abilities are best utilized. Orthopaedic surgery and orthopaedic trauma, especially, are areas where the physician does not have long to wait to see the results of their work. It is an aspect of the field that definitely appeals to me.

Another factor that I find appealing in orthopaedic surgery is the necessity of physicians from different specialty fields to work together as a single unit. Trauma patients often have injuries that require the efforts of several different specialties. Decisions must be made quickly with regards to how efforts should be prioritized to result in the best possible patient outcome. Every patient is different, and physicians egos must take a back seat. One day your role may be critical to a patient’s survival, while the next day, you are relegated to a secondary position. A successful outcome for the patient is every medical professional’s goal. For me, this is highlighted by seeing the interaction between specialists on a trauma team when every second counts.

During my orthopaedic surgery residency, I have learned and developed skills to become a good orthopaedic surgeon and always achieved good reviews. However, pride in my accomplishments to date is tempered by the knowledge that what I know now is just the basics that will serve as a starting point for further study. In the orthopaedic trauma fellowship program, I will be able to improve and add to what I have learned, a process that I expect will always be ongoing. There is no chance of becoming complacent in orthopaedic trauma. Every case is a surprise, and you must be prepared for any eventuality.

I am looking forward to the challenge presented by the orthopaedic trauma fellowship program. I believe that I possess the necessary basic abilities to do well in the program, and I welcome the opportunity to further train and develop my skills and be a credit to your program and the profession. After completing your program, I would like to work in a large hospital environment and eventually in an academic role to pass on what I have learned.

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