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Personal Statement For Fellowship In Dental Surgery

Personal Statement Writing for a Fellowship in Dental Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery or dental surgery is one of several specialties in the field of dentistry. To become a dental surgeon requires completing an oral and maxillofacial residency program after graduation from dental school. There are several sub-specialties in dental surgery that will require completing a dental fellowship program. Application for a fellowship in dental surgery sub-specialties will include writing a personal statement, here a personal statement for fellowship sample can really help.

The dental fellowship personal statement should include:

  • Reasons for choosing the specific sub-specialty. Admissions are interested in your motivations for choosing the field.
  • Skills and abilities you bring to the program not included in other application documents
  • What you want out of the program.
  • Future career goals related to the program

Admissions committees use the personal statement to judge the level of commitment you have to the field, your suitability to the program and some indication that you have researched the field and understand what it involves. For example, in a pediatric dentistry personal statement, you should reveal the skills helping you to interact with young patients.

Guidelines for Writing a Personal Statement for Fellowship in Dental Surgery

Most personal statements for fellowships in dental surgery have few rules. There is usually some kind of word limit restriction. Check with individual programs for their specific rules. The following are some general guidelines you may follow but they are not rules:

  • Structure of the personal statement. The personal statement is usually under one page in length. A common approach for structure consists of a paragraph for 1) Introduction including reasons for choosing the sub-specialty 2) What you bring to the program 3) What you are looking for in the program and 4) One or two sentences on career goals and conclusion. Your reasons for why you chose the specialty may be elaborated on in one paragraph after the introduction.
  • Writing style. Clear concise writing style. It is important that you be understood and brief sentences using simple language are best.
  • Keep it relevant. Don’t include any unnecessary information. If it isn’t related to your application leave it out.
  • Proofread. No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors allowed

fellowship in dental surgery

Personal Statement Fellowship Examples

Writing fellowship personal statement might be tough. If you review some personal statement fellowship examples, you might want to get some ideas for how to write your own. The following is an example of a personal statement for dental surgery fellowship application:

It is part of my nature, that I like working with my hands and enjoy “tinkering” with things. This is one of the reasons I chose dentistry as a career. I wanted to be in a healthcare profession and the type of work dentists perform is well suited to the type of hands-on work I enjoy. During dental school, I become interested in oral and maxillofacial surgery. As a result, I am currently a resident in the oral and maxillofacial surgery program at XYZ University. I am especially interested in the area of dental implants and upon completion of my residency am applying to your fellowship program in oral implantation.

During my residency, I have had the opportunity to view and assist in a number of implantation procedures. It is a sub-specialty that captured my interest immediately, and that my talents are well suited for. Your program offers the opportunity for research as well as providing a sound education and an extensive and varied clinical experience. Implantation prosthodontics and implanted materials are areas that I would like to focus on in my research.

As with so many areas in the medical/dental fields, technology advances are coming at an ever-increasing pace. This is an exciting time to be involved in the dental implantation field, both to gain an education and expertise in oral implantation, and to be involved in ongoing oral implantation research. Your fellowship program offers the education that will provide the knowledge I need to have a career in oral implantation and the opportunity to be involved and contribute to the latest technological advances in the field. Thank you for considering my application to your fellowship program in dental implantation surgery.

Writing a good personal statement when applying for a fellowship in a dental surgery sub-specialty is essential. When you don’t know how to write one, don’t simply copycat some rheumatology personal statement. Make your own research, analyze and look for ideas. In case you are still having problems writing your personal statement, one alternative is to get help from our fellowship personal statement service.

And if you need a quality fellowship in dental surgery application, contact us right away.

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