The next 3 Things to Immediately Include in Your FSCAI Personal Statement

Do you need to write an FSCAI personal statement? The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions has around 4,300 members that represent interventional and invasive cardiologists in around 70 countries. As an expert in cardiovascular angiography and interventions, you can help many people. So if you are interested to become a part of the circle of experts in the field, you should keep reading for help on a fellowship application personal statement.

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General Information about the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions aims to promote interventional an invasive cardiovascular medicine through representation and education as well as the advancement of quality standards in order to enhance patient care.

The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions was established in the year 1976 under Drs. Melvin Judkins and F. Mason Sones’ guidance. Both scientists permitted the implementation and development of invasive cardiology and see the organization need that would advance and serve the discipline further.

The professionals’ contributions help the organization to become better and the membership in the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions is an essential tool to keep abreast the changing field. From guidelines up to education to peer interaction, the society gives students the resources that they need to serve their patients effectively, including on a cardiac catheterization procedure.

What FSCAI Fellowship Includes

The fellowship is open to all scientists, physicians as well as cardiovascular professionals. If you want to become an expert in cardiovascular medicine, you can apply for the FSCAI fellowship.

The fellowship includes quality education that will help you to excel in your chosen profession. They offer a comprehensive curriculum to help you learn and gain more skills, experience, and knowledge. Fellows who become part of the program will be exposed to scientific sessions.

FSCAI Fellowship Requirements

Applicants must meet all the member requirements and fulfill one of the following three pathways:

Pathway 1. For adult invasive and interventional cardiologists:

  • Has unrestricted privileges in cardiovascular or endovascular catheterization in good standing as primary operator for 5 years and must have performed a combined total of 2,000 diagnostic and interventional procedures.
  • Demonstrated ABIM or AOBIM achievement certification in interventional cardiology
  • Has good standing in catheterization laboratory for at least 4 years; Applicants must have performed over 4,000 combined interventional and diagnostic procedures after training as congenital or pediatric interventional cardiologist.

Pathway 2. For a pediatric interventional or invasive cardiologist:

  • Board certified in pediatric cardiology
  • Has been in practice at least 1 year and performed 75 diagnostic interventional or diagnostic cases
  • Has at least 1 year of advanced fellowship training in interventional pediatrics.

Pathway 3. For non-invasive or non-physician scientists:

  • Has substantive contributions in the field related to endovascular angiography or cardiac
  • Has participated in at least 10 international or national conferences as faculty
  • Has participation evidence in the field by having held one or more leadership position, like committee chair, officer, committee voting member or trustee in a professional society, other leadership position or certification examination contributor

In order to complete the application, applicants must forward their CV and their two sponsorship letters via SCAI fellowship attestation form. One of the sponsorship letters should come from current SCAI fellow and the other letter should come from another interventional specialist. There you have the FSCAI requirements you need to take note when you apply.

How SCAI Fellows Course 2017 Differs from Other Courses

The SCAI fellow’s course offers a 3-day meeting that exposes advanced interventional cardiology fellows to all coronary facts, endovascular intervention, and structural knowledge. The courses are being held by the faculty that features innovators and pioneers in the field. The fellow courses offer many opportunities through traditional question and answer formats. They offer open discussions for the career development of the students.

what to include in fscai personal statement

3 Things to Include in FSCAI Application Personal Statement

Many applicants are curious about what they need to include in their FSCAI personal statement. If you are one of them, what you need to do is to read the instructions and questions given by FSCAI so that you can get enough ideas on what to write.

  1. Story: One of the things you should not forget to include in your fellowship application personal statement is your own life story. Your story should be something unique that the admission committee will be interested in reading. You need to ensure that with your shared story, they will be moved to remember your essay. You need to think of your best stories that are related to the profession you have chosen.
  2. Strengths: Make your personal statement positive. You can do it by focusing on your strengths. This can be challenging on your part, but you can do it. Do not panic, but enjoy the writing process. It is better if you make a list of your experience whether it is work or volunteer experience. You can ask your parents, friends or teachers about your strengths. Sometimes, other people are better at pointing out your strengths, too. In addition, you need to think of skills you have acquired and ways they are of help to you. You can include any part-time work. Again, you need to emphasize the experience and skills you gained.
  3. Critical thinker: You need to include a paragraph about yourself and show that you are a critical thinker. To do it, you can write about the time you spent at the university in doing independent research and thinking analytically. You can write about A-level subjects you have taken that help you to think more critically. Including this in your personal is a big plus because admission committee is looking for this kind of information. Bear in mind that in writing FASPS personal statement, you also need to show you are a great critical thinker.

Writing the personal statement is a tedious task because there are many details you need to include, but the writing process will be easy if you know what to write. What you only need to have is enough time to write a final version that surely stands out. With these tips in writing personal statements, you can start and come up with a great copy. Just be sure to make notes and an outline so that you have a guide when you are ready to write your personal statement.

Follow these tips and get your perfect FSCAI personal statement today!