Radiology Fellowship

radiology fellowshipThe University of Virginia Health System on Radiology fellowship is providing an innovation and excellence care for patients and training for health professionals. They want to share their health knowledge to other people that’s why they are offering a fellowship program.

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Radiology Fellowship Overview

The Radiology fellowship is extensive in sharing their medical knowledge and technical skills. They have research opportunities and researching that’s tailored to special interests. With them, you will have a strong foundation on how you can build your academic career on Radiology.

In addition, international graduates are welcomed to apply for Radiology fellowships. They never discriminate and welcome every graduate to become part of their university. They will help you to become a good leader and acquire the knowledge you need to have.

How to Apply for Radiology Fellowship

With Radiology fellowships, the candidate is selected through their medical training, academic achievements, Radiology personal statement and personal qualities. They are not giving any preferences about medical school as well as geographic area.

When you are an international graduate or candidate, you need to have a permanent validated SCFMG certificate. You also need to pass the USMLE. Make sure to meet all the requirements and submit it on time.

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