Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

nephrology fellowship personal statementNephrology, unlike any other specialty, is specific to the study and diagnosis of Kidney related illnesses and conditions. With a very specific specialization comes a very specific Nephrology fellowship personal statement sample that should be written specifically for people who would like to become nephrologists themselves.

What is Needed in a Fellowship Statement in Nephrology

When it comes to Nephrology, it is important to note that relevant experience regarding the matter should be included in the statement. Even merely assisting in a Kidney transplant as a medical student is relevant. If you can’t break it through accomplishments, give all of the details based on your learnings related to nephrology.

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A Nephrology Personal Statement Sample

Here is a sample of a Nephrology personal statement. This is a statement of a medical school student that aims to be accepted in a world-renowned facility for kidney research:

Nephrology fellowship personal statement

Two kidneys filter the equivalent of Niagra Falls in fluid over a person’s lifetime. While working in the dialysis ward of a hospital, I saw firsthand the effects of kidney failure. My job was to monitor the dialysis machines at first, but I soon became involved in kidney regenerative research focused on conserving regenerative properties. As I continued to pursue my graduate studies, I learned everything I could about renal stem cells and their markers.

This fellowship in nephrology will enable me to continue elucidating the role of various pluripotency markers on renal progenitors, and eventually have the ability to culture these progenitors for transplantation.

There is currently no cure for kidney failure, but I hope to be able to prevent it altogether. Through my graduate studies, I’ve discovered that certain pluripotency markers are lost by renal stem cells through multiple passages. Since the integrity of the cells degraded over time, I proposed a method of utilizing viral vectors to re-introduce these genes while suppressing transcription of the unstable copies. This treatment has proved promising in mice, although more samples will need to be collected. It is this project that I hope to continue in my post-doctoral studies, and this fellowship will enable me to do so.

My post-doctorate is by no means the end of my devotion to research. Kiddley-Sloane, the manufacturer of many organ support systems, has offered me a job in their research and development department upon the completion of my studies. There, I will be working on a kidney necrosis prevention vaccine, which seeks to stabilize renal stem cells while lowering the risk of renal cell carcinoma. There are many contributions I’d like to make to the field of nephrology, and this fellowship will allow me to expand my knowledge even further in preparation for developing new treatments for kidney-related diseases.

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