Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

Nephrology is a field of medicine that deals with the kidneys. Doctors that want to specialize in this field can obtain a scholarship to pay for their studies at a university renowned for its work in this area. The most important step in obtaining such an award is to WOW the selection committee with your Nephrology Fellowship personal statement. At we know the types of questions that you should answer in the fellowship personal statement you write for each Nephrology Fellowship program to which you apply.

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Determine Your Focus in Your Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

While your interests lie in the study of Nephrology you do have to narrow your focus and apply for a specific branch of this medical specialty. Some of the choices you have are:

  • Interventional Nephrology Fellowship
  • Transplant Nephrology Fellowship
  • Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship.

If you decide that an Interventional Nephrology Fellowship is what you are most interested in then you should search for the best Interventional Nephrology Fellowship programs and then study the requirements to ensure you meet them in all aspects of your application, especially the Nephrology Fellowship personal statement that you write.

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What to Include in Your Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

nephrology fellowship personal statementEven if you are applying for a Nephrology Fellowship at the same university where you obtained your medical degree you still have to introduce yourself to the selection committee. We know that you should never leave anything to chance. You will get the same advice if you ask questions on a Nephrology Fellowship forum where other doctors are looking for information about applying to the specialty.

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The questions that we make sure we answer in your Nephrology Fellowship personal statement include such things as:

  • What is your most impressive characteristic that would cause us to select you from all the other candidates?
  • What events led you to want to specialize in Nephrology?
  • What goals do you have for the future of your career in this area?

At we aim to help you write a unique personal statement for each of the Nephrology Fellowships that you are applying for. It is very hard to write a thorough analysis of yourself when you do the writing on your own.

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