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Gastroenterology Personal Statement

It has long been said that we are what we eat. I began my exploration into the field of gastroenterology because my grandfather was diagnosed with diverticulitis and had to have a large section of his colon removed. Since then, I have been working on non-surgical treatments for late-stage diverticulitis through understanding the mechanisms for disease progression. Diverticulitis is a disease that affects over 60% of elderly adults, and my aim is to eradicate it for good.

I currently work at the National Institute of Health, where I’ve been researching gastrointestinal disorders for over six years. My current project involves the inflammatory NF-kB transcription factor and its role in gastrointestinal inflammation. My mentor and I discovered that small doses of capsacin, found in chili peppers, actually increase the activation threshold of macrophages. I plan to continue this research in my graduate studies at Fordham University, where Dr. Alan Kidwell has agreed to be my thesis mentor. I am excited to be able to pursue my degree in a field I love, and this prestigious gastroenterology fellowship will be a great help for me to reach my goals.

My work in gastroenterology will not stop after graduate school. With my scholarship, I will be able to complete multiple projects without worrying about working to finance my classes. I have a love for teaching, and I am currently a teaching assistant for an undergraduate cellular mechanisms class. I want to become a Professor in this field and head my own laboratory dedicated to elucidating gastrointestinal disease pathways. I believe that part of working in science is being able to inspire others to do the same, and this fellowship will enable me to do the two things I love most: teach and conduct research.

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