Facts on Fellowship

choosing a fellowshipYou all know about what a fellowship is, a period of medical training that a physician or a dentist takes after completing his residency or specialty training. At this period of usually a year, he’s called a fellow. Apart from these basic things about it, there are facts to know. Check out the following:

facts on fellowship

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Facts on Fellowship                                                               

  1. As mentioned, fellowship is the period of medical training in Canada and in the US, wherein a dentist or a doctor after his residency training.
  2. Fellows can act as an attending consultant or physician in the generalist field they acquired training.
  3. Once fellowship is completed under the relevant sub-field or specialty, a doctor is permitted to perform his job without any supervision meaning he could already attend to the full duties of a specialist in his chosen field.

Are You Considering a Fellowship?

  • Determine your passion (your main interest) in medicine. In this case, you won’t be looking into money as the deciding factor, but it is more on the calling, something you love to do. By following this advice, you will find your career so rewarding.
  • What’s the need for professionals like you? When choosing a fellowship, you must also think about the demand of doctors in the practice area. This comes next after finding your passion. Perhaps, it would also be wise to select something that would be really useful.
  • Think of the location. It might not help to be sub-specialized and use the training if you are planning to practice in the rural area; instead, you might want to be in a densely populated geographical location where you could stand out and be in demand.

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Other Fellowship Facts

  • 62% of fellows are men; 38% are women
  • Medical school types attended: 45 percent, US medical graduates; 45%, international medical graduates; and 5% doctors of osteopathic medicine
  • The most popular fellowship programs are cardiology, orthopedics, neomatology, traumatology, intensive care, oncology, nephropology, transplant hepatology, immunology and gastroenterology. Which one of these do you think is your calling? Well, if you dare  try enrolling and participating in the fellowship, make it sure that you make a careful research about the top schools offering such specialty located in your area, suitable for your budget and updated with the latest curriculum and practices, among other factors.

General Requirements of Fellowship Applicants

  • An AWESOME personal statement
  • A JAW-DROPPING essay
  • A VERY IMPRESSIVE cover letter
  • A SINCERE thank you letter
  • A COMPELLING fellowship letter of intent
  • A CONVINCINGLY-CREATED letter of recommendation.

Whew, those are MANY! You should get started sooner, but don’t worry. We’re here for your complete guidance and help. You can have your complete application ready with the help of our top professionals for fellowship applications.