Writing a Killer Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

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The Importance of Your Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement

pediatric nephrology fellowship personal statementIf you are applying to a pediatric nephrology fellowship you are going to have to compete against many other applicants to gain the place that you want. Your competition is going to be as well qualified as you are so you are going to have to ensure that your application is capable of making you stand out. The only part of your application that gives you a free hand to say what you want however is your personal statement. This needs to be written perfectly in a manner that can really grab the reader’s attention and get them to see you as the perfect candidate for their fellowship. A well written pediatric nephrology fellowship personal statement will often be the deciding factor in the awarding of places. Moreover, you can read about developmental-behavioral pediatrics fellowship, it can help you.

What Should Your Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement Cover?

Successfully applying to pediatric nephrology fellowship programs will mean ensuring that your personal statement will say everything that the reader wants to see. Typically this will mean:

  • Show how and when you became interested in pediatric nephrology
  • Show how you have pursued that interest
  • Show that you have a clear career path that requires a fellowship in pediatric nephrology
  • Show why you want to attend this specific pediatric nephrology fellowship program
  • Show that you have the required skills for the program

How Does Your Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement Need to Be Written?

An error-free and the perfectly written personal statement is going to get the attention of the reader and hopefully get you noticed and seen as a perfectly suited candidate for a place. To do this, however, is far from easy but the following tips will help you with writing that attention-grabbing statement:

  • Use an interesting anecdote, fact or quotation to open your statement and gain the reader’s full attention.
  • Always use language that is easy to understand and avoid the use of slang, acronyms, and profanities.
  • Never make obvious statements and avoid the use of clichés.
  • Write concisely, never use more words than you need to and avoid any form of filler.
  • Humor should be avoided within your personal statement.
  • Write about yourself and never lie or exaggerate.
  • Never plagiarize another’s personal statement.
  • Make sure that your statement flows from start to finish in a logical manner.

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