Working Tips for Writing a Stunning Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement

Why Is Your Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement So Important?

Fellowship places are very limited and will be fiercely fought over by many others who will be equally as well qualified as you are. So if you are going to successfully apply to pediatric rheumatology fellowship programs you have to find a way to make yourself stand out. Typically this will be through your pediatric rheumatology fellowship personal statement. This is your only chance to say in your own words why it is that you should be accepted on this fellowship. A well written fellowship personal statement will often be the deciding factor in any decision making for a place.

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Writing Your Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement

How you write your rheumatology personal statement for your pediatric rheumatology fellowship programs is going to be as important as what you actually say. The committee will review many different personal statements and you need to ensure that your statement will make you stand out and not contain issues with your writing that will distract the readers from what you want to say. The following are some simple personal statement writing tips that will help you to write an engaging pediatric rheumatology fellowship personal statement:

  • Your opening needs to get the reader’s attention; hook them in with an anecdote, fact or quotation that you can then build on throughout your statement.
  • Provide simple logical flow from your opening through to your conclusion so you don’t distract the reader by jumping from one subject to another.
  • Use language that is appropriate for this application, do not use jargon, slang, acronyms or words that the reader will need to look up to understand.
  • Avoid the use of clichés, obvious statements, and never repeat anything from elsewhere in your application.
  • Be concise in your writing; never use filler to add word count.
  • Write about yourself but never exaggerate or lie about anything; also do not plagiarize.

pediatric rheumatology fellowship personal statementWhat Needs to Be Written about in Your Pediatric Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement?

Not only do you have to write your pediatric rheumatology fellowship personal statement perfectly you also have to ensure that you tell the reader what they are looking to hear. The following are the areas that they will be wanting to understand;

  • Do you have a real interest in this specialty; explain when and how you became interested and how you have pursued that interest.
  • Do you have a clear career mapped out that involves pediatric rheumatology?
  • Do you have clear reasons for wanting to apply to this specific fellowship?
  • Do you have the skills requires to contribute to the fellowship?

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