The Worst FAAFP Personal Statement Mistakes You Have to Avoid

Family medicine is versatile to physicians degree specialty, giving comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages and genders. Family physicians are diverse and they deliver care in different settings, which include hospitals, office practices, urgent care centers, community health centers and nursing homes. Keep reading for a guide in a personal statement for research program and FAAFP personal statement.

General Information about What Is Family Physician Position

Family physicians have the flexibility in tailoring clinical service to patient unique needs. For family physician position, they have numerous duties and responsibilities, which include receiving training in hospital-based medicine, which include obstetrical and clinical care procedures.

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Facts about American Academy of Family Physicians

Learning about Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians and knowing also some facts about it will give you ideas why becoming part of them is a great option and a perfect decision.

  • AAFP is a national medical organization with 129,000 members.
  • AAFP was founded in the year 1847 to maintain and promote high-quality standards for family doctors who gives comprehensive residency health care to patients.
  • AAFP purpose includes giving responsible advocacy for as well as education of patients in health-related matters.
  • AAFP maintains a national headquarters in Kansas.

FAAFP Personal Statement Mistakes and Ways to Avoid Them

Many students struggle with writing their personal statement. They do not know what they should write and do. With these problems, they are prone to making mistakes in writing, which is not good for their application.  In that case, you may want to avoid the same mistakes they are committing so that you can improve your chances of winning an application. Here is a good start:

  • Not choosing the subject and topic smartly. If FAAFP gives you essay topics, choose wisely. Do not just quickly choose. You need to think carefully if you can answer and explain it effectively or not. In choosing the perfect topic, you need to make an inventory of your key achievements and experiences. After that, you can read the options and carefully choose and decide which topic gives the best chance to portray those achievements and best assets. If you want to get FAAFP degree, do your best with a personal statement that shows why you deserve to become a part of their community.
  • Not answering the questions. It is essential to read the prompt and pay attention to it. For instance, if you choose to discuss an issue, then be sure to focus on its importance and stay on the topic. Keep in mind that the readers are seeking for a window into your passion, reasoning, and character.  When answering a question or a prompt, you have to think about things to write carefully. The answer must be relevant and on topic.
  • Not being specific and personable. Readers do not learn much about you with a generic essay. If you are asked to describe your interests in a certain area, then answer it straight to the point. It is better if you address certain features that are appealing to you. Brainstorming is essential so that you can write creatively, too. Take note that a strong personal statement for research program should show more than tell.
  • Not following the right length. Many applicants do not care about the word length. This is wrong because you need to follow the word count limit given by the organization. The purpose of the length is for the readers to get your point or points succinctly. They don’t need a lengthy statement that does not have strong points or ideas to share. Stick with the right length all the time.
  • Not watching the tone. A bit humor is somewhat acceptable. However, do not try hard to sound like a comedian. To get the physician degree, a great essay is needed to convince the committee, so you don’t actually need much humor in writing it.
  • Appearing materialistic or self-interested. Do not be too proud of your achievements and list them all down. They will only take much space that will ruin your application’s strength. Instead, you should focus on a certain theme that will highlight a set of strengths. So if you choose leadership, mention a few examples to display it.
  • Relying too much on the spell checker. Make sure not to rely solely on spell checker because it does not completely get rid of mistakes. It is better if you do it by yourself or ask others to help you.

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FAAFP Doctor Fellow Requirements

  • Any active, inactive or life member, with re-elections and dues having good standing may be elected; however, it is essential to meet all the fellow requirements.
  • Member must have an active membership for 6 years or have a combination of Resident as well as Active membership for a total of 6 years.
  • Accrue a final total of 100 points. Cite activities and experiences in practice quality and improvement, publishing and research, life-long learning, public service, service to specialty and volunteer teaching.
  • Submit a non-refundable fee.
  • Letters of reference and CV must also be submitted by the applicants.

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Tips for Writing the FAAFP Personal Statement

  • Do your research: You need to know more details about the organization and things required in writing the essay. With these things in mind, you can speak about what the organization wants to read.
  • Get the basics right: In your essay, you need to sell yourself. The organization reads hundreds of personal statements, so ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Make your essay easy to read with concise and clear sentences. It is great to tell a story that is inspiring.
  • Show that you are choosing the right course for yourself: You need to convince the committee that you have chosen the perfect course for you and that is family medicine. In writing, you need to focus why you want to study the subject and how your experience and current studies prepared you for it. Additionally, you can also write about non-academic activities, but do not make it as your main focus because there are still things you need to include.
  • Keep it personal: Your essay should be personal. It should be honest and positive.
  • Be yourself: In the personal statement, it is a good option to write about education, passions or talents. The committee wants to hear about significant events or places in your life. They want to know who you really are and you can show it by writing about your passions or talents.
  • Proofread: Proofreading is really important in writing the personal statement. You need to make sure that your essay does not contain any mistakes, be it spelling or grammar errors. You need to read your work numerous times to ensure all typos or mistakes are eliminated.

Whether you write FAAFP or FSTS personal statement, you need to make it exceptional. The essay should convince the admission committee that you are the perfect applicant that they are looking for.

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