Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship

Pediatric Rehabilitation fellowship at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center was accredited by ACGME. It is offering exposure to pediatric inpatient and outpatient clinical settings. They also provide excellent research through our faculty mentorship and didactics.

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Overview of Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship

pediatric rehabilitation fellowshipPediatric Rehabilitation fellowship is offering a two year program that depends on the qualifications and training of the person. The good news about them is they are receiving referrals from national medical and regional centers.

Our Pediatric Rehabilitation is one of the best institutions that you can choose to master all the things you need to do. We have the experience that we can share with our students and we will make sure that they can enhance their abilities and skills in order to help other people.

How to Apply to Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship

  • Application and the cover letter must be mailed
  • Updated curriculum vitae
  • ECFNG certificate( if applicable)
  • Copies of the score sheets from USNL and to another examination sheet
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • A pediatric Rehabilitation personal statement that is unique

In order to qualify for Pediatric Rehabilitation fellowships, you must know the deadline and submit all the requirements on time. Make sure that you completely follow all the rules regarding the application. Make sure also that your Pediatric Rehabilitation personal statement must be original.

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