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hematology personal statementThe human machine is probably the most amazing and complex of all machines known to man. In fact, while we’ve worked with it for as long as we’ve existed on Earth, we still do not seem to be fully aware of all its capabilities and limits. To this day, there have been plenty of people who can achieve things that most people are not easily capable of such as diving to great depths or resisting powerful physical forces that could easily crush the human body and worse. Still, the body continues to impress scientists around the world with its many surprises and what not. One of the most important aspects of the body that enable one person to perform nearly superhuman feats is the human circulatory system. Anyway, here are the major parts of the circulatory system that you need to know about:

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  • Heart: The human heart is an almost iconic part of the human body. In the past, it was believed to be the seat of human wisdom and emotion. Today we know better and it is more or less a large and powerful pump that supplies the body with precious blood. However, we also know that it can still be an amazing part of the body nonetheless. It is fully equipped with its own independent means of powering itself and does not rely on the brain for signals to keep beating. On another note, the heart is meant to function almost indefinitely and is one of the few parts of the body that does not regenerate nor has any downtime when the body sleeps as is often the case with a lot of the body’s other organs.
  • Blood: Blood is another important part of the circulatory system and is another iconic part of the body. In almost all cultures, blood is associated with life, violence and death. It’s deep red color is easily representative of the inner aggression present in everyone and its very presence often incites fear or revulsion in some people. Today we know that blood is very important in transporting precious oxygen and nutrients to other parts of the body. It may appear to be a liquid at first glance but it is actually a group of loosely oriented cells that give it the illusion of being liquid.
  • Blood Vessels: Blood vessels are the passages and tubes that the blood uses to pass throughout the bodies. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry the blood from the heart to other parts of the body while the veins carry blood towards the heart to be oxygenated and loaded with nutrients. That said, one must take care not to damage certain blood vessels as the result can be very detrimental to the victim.

Anyway, if you’re interested in learning more about the blood, you can learn about writing hematology personal statement.

Write a Hematology Personal Statement

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