Why Everything You Know about FACP Personal Statement Is a Lie

After earning your degree as an internist, the next step is to apply for the fellowship. FACP or Fellow of the American College of Physicians is one of the prestigious fellowships for internists and medical students. The following article gives you gastroenterology personal statement tips, FACP personal statement guides, and some useful ideas for processing your FACP application. You can also read this rheumatology fellowship personal statement tips.

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General Info about the American College of Physicians

FACP is a nationally recognized organization of internists in the United States. It is the biggest medical organization for specialty and second physician group in the country.  As to date, it has 152,000 members. This growing community of physicians includes internists, internal medicine specialists, and subspecialists, students from numerous medical colleges, residents, and fellows from prestigious hospitals in the country.

To have FACP degree is an honor. It is a credential that distinguishes you from other internal medicine students or physicians. It also widens your network as a member of a fellowship that promotes excellence and contributes knowledge and skills in the field of medicine.

FACP Requirements

The following are among the FACP application requirements for the fellowship you need to accomplish:

  • Board certification
  • Continuing education certificate from the university
  • Teaching certification or proof from an institution and a community-based organization
  • Hospital committee work issues by the hospital you currently work
  • Volunteer and community service
  • Engagement in ACP: this can be on a chapter or national level
  • Publications: articles, abstract, book, or online media
  • Leadership certification: a proof that you serve as a leader in the workplace or in an organization
  • Fellowship sponsoring form: this can be downloaded online from the FACP website
  • Curriculum vitae: this is the summary of your qualifications, educational attainment, clinical experience, academic excellence, and other related information.

4 Don’ts for FACP Personal Statement

Your FACP personal statement is an important document that supports your curriculum vitae and other documents you submit for the application. To write a perfect personal statement, be mindful of the following:

  1. Don’t write a very long personal statement. You are writing for doctors and professors who don’t have all the time in the world reading your statement. Keep it concise, brief, and substantial. Write only the important highlights of your interest, your education, and what makes you a good member of the fellowship.
  2. Don’t plagiarize. Write original statement. If you prefer sharing your experience, make sure it is not something like in a movie or book that people might have seen before. Remember, this is a huge organization and they read all personal statement from every applicant. So don’t use someone else’s word on your statement.
  3. Don’t overuse quotation. This is a very cliché way to write a personal statement. Just write how you feel about the fellowship. Write about your compassionate care using your own plain words. The evaluators might have read hundreds of quotations and you have to give them something new this time.
  4. Not including your experience. Your personal statement should be a combination of your story as a person and your clinical expertise to the diagnosis as a physician. In stating these advantages, you should be able to relate it to how you will use these experiences to help the organization in promoting its advocacies.

facp personal statement writing tips

Personal Statement Physician Writing Tips

The following are among the personal statement physician specialists use in their applications. Learn from the professional tips below:

  • Draft your statement first. This serves as an outline or plan on what you should include in writing your personal statement. This also allows you to filter only the important details to include and omit the least important ones.
  • Work with a professional. There are professional writing services like ours that specialize in personal statements. Our writers and editors have the skills and experience in delivering well-written materials like these.
  • Edit your work. Once you have completed writing, you must review your work and edit it for any possible errors. Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. These are small, common, but huge mistakes that can ruin your FACP application.
  • Be honest. In your personal statement, you open up yourself to the fellow evaluators. Any untruth that you write here may come at you during your interview, or in the future years in the organization.
  • Keep it short. Don’t overwrite. Keep everything you want to say on a single page.
  • Pick a topic you’re comfortable with. If you plan to discuss a society issue, make sure that you are confident about it and that you can support your thesis. Don’t discuss something you don’t have any proof of.

Alternative Programs to Get Physician Fellow Degree

  • Public Health Service. This career for physicians focuses on education and healthcare services. Among other services are preventive medicine and non-profit organization services.
  • Public Policy. The government needs physicians to work on civic affairs and address health care issues. They are seen in policy-making agencies, finance, drug abuse treatment facilities, nutrition agencies, and humane and healthcare services.
  • Informatics. Medical science and information technology analyze, manage, and organize information in healthcare services also need physicians.
  • Pharmaceutical Research. Physicians can also work in research and development in universities and laboratories. Among the largest employer of pharmaceutical research is the government.
  • Consulting. Physicians can also work as consultants and put their expertise into practice. They assist organizations and individuals in hospitals, organizations, private companies, pharmaceutical companies, government, and academic institutions.

Your future as a fellow in FACP relies on your accomplishment of the requirements and how well you write your personal statement. In writing, always put yourself in the readers’ shoes. You don’t want to read a very long document, and neither are they. Our professionals can help you write your personal statement. We offer other similar documents like OD personal statement and gastroenterology personal statement. Create a career you planned with your successful personal statement.

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