Top FACE Personal Statement Writing Rules

Being a member of FACE require credentials similar to the endocrinology fellowship personal statement.  The following article provides an overview of what is FACE all about, the requirements to be a member fellow, and how it can help your career as an endocrinologist.   Keep reading for tips in writing a FACE personal statement as well.

FACE or Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology is an accredited associate of American Endocrinologists. Its outstanding members are renowned in the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE). Among its members are those who graduated in American college of clinical endocrinology.

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Fellowship FACE Definition

Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology (FACE) is a membership fellowship which is only open for endocrinologists with an outstanding record in American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE). You can consider it as the elite group of endocrinologists in the country. It recognizes the best endocrinologist in the field and honors their excellence for promoting endocrine health. In the fellowship training, members are chosen for eligibility. To apply for FACE endocrinology, you have to complete two consecutive years of being an active and paying member of the AACE.

Interesting Facts about the College of Clinical Endocrinology

  • It widens your network. Being a member of clinical endocrinology society widens your network in this field of study – not just across the country but across the world.
  • Endocrinologists earn more. Endocrinologists are among the highest paid physicians. In 2013, an average endocrinologist earn between $200,000 and $250,000 per year. This is way higher than a general surgeon who only earns $180,000 to $185,000.

What Are the Main Admission Requirements?

The following are the requirements for FACE membership:

  • Must have attended the Annual Meeting of the AACE  in the last 5 years prior to the application;
  • Paid current dues;
  • Two (2) professional letters of recommendation, one (1) from AACE member and one(1) from FACE or MACE member;
  • Completed three consecutive AACE years or payment;
  • Accepted applicants shall register to attend AACE Annual Meeting;
  • You may be required to submit any or all of the following certifications:
  • Certification/Training – a proof that you have completed your academic and clinical training as an endocrinologist
  • Continued Education – a proof of your current education such as PhD, MD, or area of specialization
  • Professional Experience – this looks like a resume where you can list all your clinical experiences as an endocrinologist.

face personal statement writing tips

In expressing your interest to be a member, you are also expected to send a FACE personal statement.  This is a letter addressed to the President expressing your interest to join. It’s basically how you have written your endocrinology personal statement– honest, unique, neat, and organized.

Top 5 FACE Personal Statement Writing Rules

  1. Organize your ideas. This is a difficult process. You want to impress the evaluator and other members of the FACE so you want to write everything good about you – your experience, clinical training, and academic excellence awards. However, you must consider Rule Number 2. In organizing your ideas, you might want to write an outline first. This contains bits of details you should include in your narrative. Write down all details, information, references, etc. and filter it according to importance. Once filtered, determine which goes where. And there, you have an organized content for your endocrinology fellowship personal statement.
  2. Write brief but substantial personal statement. Your content must be brief but worth reading. It should reflect your passion in endocrinology and how you plan to be a productive member of the FACE. It’s like writing your DPM personal statement once more.
  3. Talk about your experiences and plans at the same time. Talk about a significant event when you were able to make appropriate health care decisions that saved a life or made an important impact to someone’s life.
  4. Do not plagiarize. People would know if you copied your personal statement from somewhere. The features of advanced information technology make it easier for anyone to find any copied article anywhere. And besides this is your best time to be unique and original. Write an original story, share your unique experience and relate it to how you want to be a fellow in FACE.
  5. Review your personal statement. This is one of the basic rules of any written material. Review your personal statement and look for any error you might have overlooked. These errors are commonly small and not glaring, especially if you look at your own work. Ask somebody else to read it for you. This also helps you get another opinion about your work.

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best endocrinology personal statement

FACE is a renowned fellowship and just being a member of this prestigious group makes your career as an endocrinologist more worthy than before. The benefits, network, training, and education that you get in this fellowship will make you a better clinician in the future. It will also further your experience in the translation of scientific advances into clinical practice. This is why it is very important for every endocrinologist to be chosen for this opportunity.

But don’t let poor personal statement ruin your application. There are other options to write correct and successful personal statements. You just have to be brief, concise, and original on your statement. Checking it for error before submission will keep you from any embarrassment. And lastly, seek the help of a professional who knows what to do. Our personal statement writing services are always prepared to deliver flawless and compelling statements on time. Why don’t you check out our website to learn more?

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