Warning: These 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your OD Personal Statement

Do you want to learn how to write the OD personal statement or learn from fellowship personal statement examples or surgery personal statement examples? There are specialized professionals for each part of the human body. Your eyes are important organ system that takes care of your sense of sight. Taking proper care of them is very necessary. Any irritation and discomfort should be consulted with an OD doctor of optometry. The following article brings your tips and guides on how to write an effective OD personal statement to start your application.

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General Info about OD Doctor of Optometry

Doctors of Optometry also called ODs or optometrists are health care professionals specializing in giving diagnosis and treatment for eye problems and diseases. They examine and manage proper care and treatment for the eyes. They are also professionals who are authorized to perform vision tests and analyze the results of that test. They also prescribe visual medications and treatments like the use of contact lenses or eyeglasses.

Top 5 USA Programs to Get Doctor of Optometry

The following are among the best universities and colleges in the US that offer optometry programs and optometry fellowship:

Founded in 1923, UC Berkeley School of Optometry is a ACOE accredited and known for its top-notch programs for future optometrists. It has a fine ratio of students and faculty members. With 110 faculties that teach optometry, the university makes sure that each student is given enough time and guidance in the program. Although it has the highest in-state tuition and average in out-of-state, it is by far the best school for optometry there is.

SUNY was school founded in 1970. It offers an average tuition for both in-state and out of state students. Upon degree OD application, a student must have at least 3.53 GPA. It is one of the universities that require fellows and degree students with above average GPA upon entrance.

Training optometrists since 1914, Ohio State University College of Optometry has average in-state- and out-of-state tuition, making it a personal go-to-university for many aspiring optometrists in the state and other neighboring states. It also allows out-of-state students to be eligible for in-state residency after a year of residency. It requires 3.51 an average GPA for entering students.

UHCO was founded in 1952 and is also accredited by ACOE. Students who want to apply here need to have 3.52 in GPA. Most students in the university are from Texas but it also offers out-of-state tuition for students.

ICO is one of the most established and oldest public schools in the state founded in 1872. Incoming students should present an average 3.39 GPA. The university also promotes diversity as it opens its doors to out-of-state and foreign students.

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Common OD Application Requirements

To be a future optometrist doctor, you need to apply for a degree and then fellowship after that. The following are the most common OD application requirements:

  • Resume – It is a document that lists your qualifications as a degree applicant. You can write your own resume or have someone professional to do it for you.
  • Transcript of school records – Some universities also require a certificate from the high school you graduated from. Your transcript will show your GPA and grades per subject.
  • OD personal statement – This is a short, usually 500-800 word narrative that explains your intention to be a part of the program. Aside from grades, professors evaluate candidates based on how they write their personal statement.

Optometry Fellowship Interview Questions and Answers

You need to come prepared for your fellowship application interview. The following are among the optometry fellowship interview questions and answers:

Question 1: Why did you choose optometry as a profession?Answer: If you had any significant experience relating to your passion for optometry, discuss it. You can also discuss your passion to treat eye illnesses in the future.

Question 2: If chosen, what can be your contribution to the fellowship program?

Answer: I will try my best to continue to promote proper care for the eye system. I also want to be a part of developing methods that aim to improve care and treatment for the eye.

Question 3: What are your future plans in the field of optometry?

Answer: I plan to establish my own clinic in the future where I can practice my specialty as an optometrist.


I plan to work in a hospital that specializes in treating eye problems and diseases.

Question 4: What motivates you as a person?

Answer: Challenges motivate me. It pushes me to do more and explore my options. I take challenges as a positive avenue to grow.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your OD Personal Statement

Not everyone writes a perfect OD personal statement for the first time. But don’t be one of those applicants who ruin their applications with these mistakes:

  1. Writing a very long personal statement. You may have a lot of things to discuss but save it for the interview when asked. Limit your personal statement on your intention to be a part of the program, your special skills to contribute, and what makes you the best candidate.
  2. Talking too much about yourself. Although you need to make an impression, it does not mean you make everything all about you. You can also commend the university for its outstanding program and then relate it to your passion as a future optometrist.
  3. Using slang. This is a formal business letter so you need to address and write businesslike. Also, go easy on quotation and saying from other people, especially when it does not suit your purpose.
  4. Plagiarism. This is the biggest mistake to ruin your application.
  5. Not editing your work. This is a huge mistake for everyone writing anything. Review your personal statement or have someone do it for you. You can ask our editors and writers for professional services like this. We offer fellowship personal statement examples for all fellowship courses.

Applying for optometry degree takes time and professional advice. You have to come prepared for the interview and give your best shot on your personal statement. We can provide you optometry personal statement example to serve your guide. Aside from these, we also offer FSCAI personal statement and other similar document writing services. For all your personal writing needs, consult us.

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