Your Helpful Fellowship Personal Statement Examples

Why Look at Fellowship Personal Statement Examples?

the-best-fellowship-personal-statement-examplesAs you have progressed through your education and graduate training you will have been asked to write a personal statement with each application. This personal statement will often have been the deciding factor in your acceptance and will often be the same for your fellowship application. Your personal statement is your only opportunity to tell the committee why they should be accepting you in your own words and as such has a huge impact on your chances. They want to know all about you, something that they just will not get from looking at your qualifications alone.

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But writing that effective and attention grabbing personal statement is not going to be at all easy. You will read a huge amount of advice as to how your statement needs to be written but nothing is as helpful as seeing exactly how others have written theirs. A sample of personal statement writing for their fellowship application can often be the most help with writing your own successfully.

How Can a Sample Personal Statement for Fellowship Help You?

If you want to know what and how to write your medical fellowship personal statements then looking at a good sample fellowship personal statement can often be the most effective help. Samples can clearly show you the areas that you need to cover with your writing as well as the style of writing that you need to adopt. They also can show you the areas that you must avoid within your writing if you want to make an impression.

But simply copying what you see will not help you. Your own personal statement must always be unique to you and carefully tailored to the application that you are making. Using copied material or simply adapting what you have read is going to see your application rejected. Always write your own statement from scratch and use examples to provide guidance and inspiration only.

Tips for Writing Your Fellowship Personal Statement

Always look at any statement example very critically and do not just simply accept that something is good just because a website says that it is. Remember also that good writing is subjective and will very much depend on the expectations and preferences of the reader. The following writing advice used in conjunction with our samples will help you to ensure that your writing will get you noticed when you make your fellowship application:

  • Your opening line is often the most important. It is your hook and an opportunity to fully gain the attention of the reader. If you can use a personal anecdote that it is relevant to your application.
  • It is important that your personal statement will flow more like a story about you. This will help to maintain the interest of the reader and to get them to pay attention through to your conclusion.
  • Always cover the areas that the program will want to know about you within your writing:
    • Why are you applying to train within a fellowship? What are your career goals?
    • Why are you interested in your specific specialty area?
    • What skills do you have that make you particularly suited to this area?
    • What achievements have you made?
    • Why do you want to join this specific program over any others?
  • Use language that is appropriate for the level and the area of your application; never use slang, abbreviations or acronyms within your writing.
  • Avoid the use of any form of clichés and never make statements that are obvious within your writing.
  • Use your own voice at all times, never plagiarize or use quotations.
  • Write in a way that is very concise and to the point; don’t pad out your writing with filler.
  • Remain truthful and do nor exaggerate what you are capable of.
  • Write about yourself at all times, this is a after all a personal statement about you.
  • Avoid any use of humor, it is not appropriate at this level.
  • Carefully proofread and edit everything that you have written to ensure that there are no issues within your writing.

We Can Help with Your Personal Statement Writing

Writing a personal statement for your fellowship application can still be a difficult proposition even if you have excellent samples to look at in your field and every possible hint and tip that has been written. Our services are available to applicants in all fields and are provided through staff that hold postgraduate degrees and have many years of experience in this area. They work directly with you to ensure that your personal statement is unique, error free and perfectly tailored to your application.

To get affordable and reliable help that can ensure that your application meets the quality of the best fellowship personal statement examples just contact our specialized services here today.