Personal Statement Sample

As a child my sister injured her back and required surgery, I remember the conflicting concern and fascination with the hospital and the treatment, this was probably the initial spark. I worked hard to save money to be able to attend higher education and graduated from Baghdad university in Iraq going on to do a residency at St Mary Mercy Hospital/Trinity Health in Michigan. Over the last four years I have applied myself as Assistant Professor at Jefferson University.

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My time involved in family medicine in Michigan, at Jefferson University and in my various residencies has lead me to seeing patients with different bone issues and joint problems. That along with my enjoyment of working with children at schools as well as my orthopedic and sports medicine rotations during residencies has challenged and enthused my future focus. Working along side influential physicians who exemplify professionalism and dedication has been a further inspiration in my career and gives me the determination to continue to challenge myself.

I see the Jefferson Sports Medicine Fellowship as the ideal path for me at this stage. It will allow me learn new procedures such as using ultrasound, gain more experience with items along the lines of knee injections, treating patients with arthritis all while observing experienced professionals providing patient care. The much envied reputation of the Fellowship, gained through hard work, world class care and the skill of the Residents is the ideal place for me to reach new levels working towards my goal of practicing a mix of primary care and spot medicine procedures with the possibility of becoming a faculty member in one of the residency programs.