Pain Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

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A Personal Statement for Pain Medicine

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A Sample of a Pain Fellowship Personal Statement

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Pain Fellowship Personal Statement

I remember being so scared of feeling pain that I refused to go to the doctor as a child. Many adults still feel that way, myself included. It is this understanding of the fear of pain that has led me to devote myself to studying ways to alleviate it. During my graduate career, I have already elucidated a nerve family responsible for sending efferent messages to pain receptors in the brain. A post-doctoral fellowship in pain studies will allow me to further explore the possibilities of this discovery, including developing a new, safer anesthesia.

In my undergraduate and graduate studies, I studied the action potentials of nociceptors that relayed the sensation of pain to the upper frontal cortex of the brain. My thesis mentor, Dr. Brandon Ruth, worked with me to develop a type of inducible anesthesia which has a transient but potent effect on the main efferent neurons of the pain signal. The anesthesia can be induced through a rise in sodium concentration, and can be quickly sated through an influx of calcium.

Through my post-doctoral fellowship, I hope to be able to develop this concept into a useful anesthesia for surgeries due to its highly useful and safe mechanism of action. During my post-doctoral years, I will refine the anesthetic through in-vivo models, as well as explore the possibilities of other ions as inducers. My goal is to be able to introduce the anesthesia for patients who are allergic to other anesthetics, or have a medical condition that requires rapid return to consciousness.

This fellowship will enable me to focus on enhancing my understanding of the nociceptor pathway that I have worked on for over 9 years. Afterwards, I hope to be able to obtain a position in industry for a few years before returning to be able to teach future anesthesiologists. The fear of pain should not prevent treatment, and I hope that the anesthesia I develop can further enhance patient comfort.

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