MD Personal Statement That Works: Guidelines

A degree in medicine is both fulfilling and challenging. To get a degree is a series of educational, clinical, and practical training. Even getting into a prestigious medical school is a test and completing requirements like MD personal statement is another story. Working on your personal statement brings you a new set of experiences, discoveries about your passion in medicine, and it allows you to plan your future ahead. And this also gives you an idea of what medical fellowship personal statement would look like in the future when you apply for fellowship training. Here are some guidelines on what to include on your MD statement.

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Interesting facts about the MD degree

Here are some interesting facts about MD degree that will inspire and surprise you at the same time:

  • The first exclusive schools. In the early 19th century, exclusive medical schools became popular in America. In 1800, there were only four med schools: University of Pennsylvania (1765), King’s College (1767), Harvard (1782), and Dartmouth (1797).
  • No lengthy exams and complicated requirements. Before, there were no entrance exams. The only requirement is to pay your fees. Exams were brief and immaterial. If you want to learn more, you have to enroll non-degree courses or work in hospitals as students, not as a resident physician.
  • The birth of ICU. Intensive care units began in the 1960s and made used of new machines like ventilators and dialysis equipment.
  • MD is more than just studying medicine. There are many activities to do for personal development like music, sports, and social engagement, activities.
  • MD is expensive but future is worth it. According to a BLS  report in 2014, the average or mean annual wage for the general practitioners’ group was $186,320. On the other hand, it was $190,530 for the internists.

5 Steps for Writing a Successful Statement of Purpose

Getting into the top MD schools requires good GPA and a persuasive statement of purpose. A statement of purpose is written to express your interest in the MD program. It’s like applying for a job. You need to show them that you are the best applicant for the position. Here are the steps to write a successful statement:

1.Be unique. Most applicants would write how they want to be a part of the program, what interests them the most, or what makes them the best candidate. This isn’t bad at all. But you must also discuss what you can contribute to the program.

2.Keep it concise and specific. Include only the important details about your purpose. Maximize the one-page statement to tell the most interesting things about yourself and your plans to be a doctor.

3.Follow a format. Use MD PhD essay example as a guide. We offer a sample format that you can follow in terms of idea organization, introduction, and conclusion.

4.Write a story of your own. Don’t copy stories and cliché quotes from another personal statement. Be creative on your own. Write a story with the best connection to your plans as a doctor in the future. At the end of your content should be a good final sentence to MD personal statement. This sentence should be as strong as the intro if possible, even stronger.

5.Edit and review. Review your personal statement before sending it. Make sure that you did not overlook any spelling or punctuation error.

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List of the Best Phrases for Your Personal Statement

Here is the list of the most powerful phrases you need to use in writing a personal statement for MD PhD programs and MD:

  • Has achieved
  • Active participation
  • Aims to develop
  • Based on evidence
  • Experience in
  • Impact to people
  • Works with group
  • Involved in
  • Planning for the future
  • Strength and ability

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5 Top MD Schools in the World

Harvard School of Medicine offers more than 200 elective medical courses. Some of these programs can be combined, too. Harvard has one of the highest standards in medical school admission. It requires 3.93 GPA, 37 out of 45 MCAT score and tuition fee of $53,581.

It has a relatively small population for Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. This is attributed to the school’s tight screening process and high standards. With only 462 medical students, Stanford requires 3.85 GPA, 37 out of 45 MCAT score, and $49,892 for tuition fee. It also offers professional doctorate and double degree programs such as MD/PhD, MD/MPH, and MD/MBA, which are also considered as the terminal medical degree.

Founded in 1848, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine offers one of the most competitive educations for doctors in terms of academic and clinical coursework. It also offers medical double degree programs. To get into John Hopkins Medical School, you need a GPA between 3.70 and 4.00 and MCAT score of 36 out of 45.

UW School of Medicine has been accepting MD students since 1946. To qualify for their MD program, an applicant must have a GPA of 3.40 to 3.97 and a median MCAT score of 31 out of 45.

UNC School of Medicine offers MD degree for applicants with GPA between 3.39 and 3.98 and MCAT score of 33 out of 45 possible points. it is one of the most renowned medical schools in the country and is famous for producing the best medicine graduates since its establishment.

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