How to Write an Outstanding Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement

How Important Is Your Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement?

If you want to successfully apply to a hyperbaric medicine fellowship then you will need to ensure that your application is capable of making you stand out from your competitors. You will be competing against a number of very well qualified applicants for a very limited number of spaces and the only part of your application that gives you the flexibility to blow your own trumpet is your personal statement. A well written hyperbaric medicine fellowship personal statement can be the deciding factor in your acceptance for the fellowship place so it is vital that you write your personal statement very carefully.

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What Should You Write in Your Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement?

There are only a few areas that the reader wants to understand from your personal statement and you need to cover them fully if you want to be considered for a place:

  • Show that you have a long standing and real interest in hyperbaric medicine
  • Show how your interest has developed and how you have followed it
  • Show that you have a clear career plan that involves hyperbaric medicine
  • Show valid reasons for wanting to attend this specific program
  • Show that you have the skills to contribute to the fellowship

How to Write an Effective Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship Personal Statement

How you will write your personal statement can often be more important than what you actually write. A statement that is poorly written or contains errors can easily distract the reader from the message that you want to convey. There are also some example of pediatric rheumatology fellowship programs. So you have to ensure that you follow the following guidance to write your personal statement in a manner that will get the reader’s attention fully:

  • Use a hook; open with an interesting quote, fact or intriguing anecdote that is going to get and hold their attention right from your opening lines.
  • Provide logical flow right from your hook through to your conclusion; your statement should not be a list of unrelated points, it should read like a story.
  • Use language that they will be able to understand and avoid the use of acronyms, slang or jargon.
  • Never use clichés, repeat anything from other parts of your application or say anything obvious.
  • Be concise and relevant at all times; your word count is limited so do not waste it.
  • Write about yourself without exaggeration or any form of copying.
  • Carefully proofread your writing to eliminate all errors.

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