How To Write A Personal Statement For Medical Fellowship?

How to Write a Personal Statement for Medical Fellowship

The personal statement for medical fellowship allows you to personally address the fellowship selection committee and make a case for why you should be one of those selected for a fellowship. The best personal statement should contain the following information:

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  • Why you want to go into the specialty. Describe what attracted you to the specialty specifically
  • Skills you have that are valued and useful in the specialty
  • Relevant clinical or personal experiences
  • What you are hoping to gain from the program.
  • Personal interests and experiences which demonstrate your values and priorities
  • Your future plans and goals within the specialty

This is the content that your personal statement will cover. After selecting the content to include, the next step will be how to present your content.

Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement for Medical Fellowship Application

Fellowship personal statement requirements may vary somewhat from program to program. Often, it is left up to the applicant as to how they choose to write their personal statement. The following useful tips may come in handy while writing your personal statement:

  • Be brief – Unless otherwise instructed, your personal statement should be relatively brief, and not exceed more than one page.
  • Don’t use clichés or quotations – Write your statement in your own words
  • Write in a succinct style – Use language that is easy to understand and get to the point
  • Use a sample as a guide – Review a successful applicants personal statement to get some idea of how to write your own
how to write a personal statement for medical fellowship

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Examples of personal statements can serve as a guide or template but never copy another person’s statement. The following is a medical fellowship personal statement sample:

“My interest in medicine began during my time in the military. After graduation from high school, I had little direction and enlisted in the navy. After finishing boot camp I chose the hospital corps although I didn’t have any particular interest in medicine. That changed early in my career. While performing janitorial duties at the base hospital during my training, a patient went into cardiac arrest. Tired of mopping floors I trailed along and watched in awe as the team of professionals calmly went about saving a mans life. What impressed me most was how calm the doctor in charge stayed and how he controlled the situation. I wasn’t struck with a sudden desire to be a doctor, but the image stayed with me. I looked at my training differently and began to take it more seriously. By the time my enlistment was up I was determined to go to medical school.

During my time in undergraduate and medical school I learned everything I could about cardiology and the heart, with the goal of one day becoming a heart surgeon. I became a voluntary EMT, which provided many opportunities to see how I worked under pressure. Nothing in medical school or in my work as an EMT changed my mind and my goal to be a heart surgeon remains the same.

This heart failure fellowship will provide me with the necessary knowledge I need to attain my goal. As a heart surgeon there will be many times decisions have to be made under pressure with a patients life at risk. Having the knowledge and skills to make the right decision calmly is essential and the heart failure fellowship provides the tools that I will need.”

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