How to Improve Your DMD Personal Statement in One Day?

How do you write a DMD personal statement? Becoming a Doctor of Dental Surgery is a great opportunity for dentistry students because it gives them the chance to be exposed to the different features of general dentistry. It allows students to know more about it with the help of an experienced faculty. DMD PhD programs provide applicants the chance to further their education. Keep reading for a guide in writing a personal statement for medical fellowship and dentistry personal statement example.

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General Information about a DMD Degree

The D.M.D. degree is designed in preparing students to practices their profession with a high degree of skill sets. The DMD degree program is based on sound knowledge of biological sciences as well as it helps them to become aware of being a dentist as a health profession in the community. The DMD degree exposes students to all learning related to dentistry, too.

What Is DMD in Dentistry?

The DMD degree dentistry is awarded to students upon graduation from a dental university in order to become a general dentist. With the dentistry degree, students will get the essential clinical experience with emphasis on preclinical techniques and biological sciences. It focuses on oral pathology and clinical experience with practice, including courses in management and practice planning.

5 Most Popular Colleges to Get DMD PhD Programs

  1. University of Pennsylvania: The DMD degree is a 4-year program reflecting a strong commitment to developing skills and knowledge in both oral health and oral science health care. The university dental medicine is uniquely positioned philosophically and geographically to encourage depth opportunities for interdisciplinary study across professional disciplines. The DMD program offers funded dual-degree options in bioethics, education, business administration, law, and others. They also offer the honors degree program, hands-on opportunities, extensive elective courses and much more.
  2. Tufts University: The dental medicine was established in the year 1868. As of now, the school is renowned throughout the US and around the globe as a center for clinical and academic excellence. Students will get comprehensive education emphasizing didactic coursework education, clinical experience, pre-clinical training as well as practice management.
  3. McGill University: The degree program is intended for international dental program graduates that are not accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. International trained dentists who like to complete their Dental Medicine Doctor Degree should apply for it. The program can be completed in 2 and half years.
  4. Augusta University: The dental college offers a 4-year program that can lead to a dental medicine degree. There are also dual programs in oral biology being offered. When it comes to the curriculum, it consists of courses in clinical sciences, oral biology, management and behavioral sciences. Students practice their skills in facilities and clinics throughout the state.
  5. Boston University: To be considered for the admission to the DMD program, candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree from accredited university or 4-year College in Canada or USA. The school offers a graduate training program to students as well.

how to improve a dmd personal statement

Requirements for Getting D.M.D. Degree


Applicants must contact the dental school for specific prerequisite information. The required courses include:

  • 8 hours biology with lab;
  • 8 hours English;
  • 8 hours physics;
  • 8 hours organic chemistry with lab;
  • 8 hours general chemistry with lab;
  • Dental admission test: Applicants must take the DAT prior to seeking admission in the dental school. The test measures comprehension of scientific information, general academic ability as well as perceptual ability.
  • Applying: The admission committee reviews credential, like DAT results, academic qualifications, letters of recommendation, a grade point of average, dental office shadowing experiences and personal interviews.

Best Ways to Improve Personal Statement in One Day

Many universities ask candidates to submit a personal statement as part of the admission process. If the admission committee read your essay, make sure to give what they want to see such as contributions and potentials. The personal statement provides schools an opportunity to get a personal insight about the applicant, and some of these might not be possible in numbers and grades. Here are some tips for writing a personal statement for medical fellowship or dental fellowship:

  • Read the question again: If there are prompts or questions provided by the school, you need to answer them. If you are done answering the questions, go back to check if you answer them correctly or if there are still details you need to include.
  • Focus on event or incident details: Focusing on event or incident details is important to make sure you include all essential information. In your personal statement, ensure that all the details are related to the degree you are applying.
  • Proofread: A personal statement that is full of mistakes is not appreciated nor is it memorable. If you do not want this to happen, then re-reading your essay is advisable. To improve your personal statement, check for misspellings, grammar mistakes, and punctuation errors. You need to ensure that each sentence is correctly written for the best results.
  • Explain further: If there are certain areas or subjects that you need to explain, you must do it. If the explanations will enhance or improve your personal statement, do your best to provide all the details so that you can get the attention of the readers. Also, in writing FACG personal statement, this is one of the best ways to shine!
  • Ask others to read your essay: If you are not contented with what you have written, you can ask the help of other people you know to read your personal statement. You can ask for their suggestions on what you still need to do. Ask them if there are still ideas you need to include in your personal statement. However, make sure that the final decision is still yours to make. After all, the personal statement is your story.
  • Write about yourself: You need to skip opportunities that can be given by the program to you because the admission committee already knows about them. It is better to write about yourself, such as who you are as well as what you can offer and contribute.

Tips in Writing the DMD Personal Statement

  • Pick up new skills: If there are supplementary skills that you can add to your essay to make it stronger, then add them.
  • Explain your experience: In your essay, you need to explain about your experience. Be sure that what you will write is directly related to what you are applying.
  • Volunteer: Volunteering experience is a good chance to show some gained new skills and initiatives. It can include event organization, mentoring, project planning and others.
  • Use an example: You can read dentistry personal statement sample online to gain new ideas about formatting and structuring your essay.

If you are asking where to get my doctor of dental medicine college, then you can start with the list we’ve highlighted above.

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