How to Cope with Your FAAEM Personal Statement Writing?

Do you need to write a FAAEM personal statement? Winning a fellowship slot is getting harder and harder. Applicants need to put their best foot forward in order to gain attention from the screening committee, so you need the best statement possible. You can opt to apply for emergency medicine fellowship, especially if you have experience in emergency medicine. Take your knowledge and skills a notch higher with a great faculty, curriculum and experience to receive in the training and study. Keep reading for critical care fellowship personal statement guide and tips for application.

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General Information about Emergency Medicine Fellowship

Emergency medicine fellowship offers fellows or emergency physicians the chance to work in the most dynamic emergency medicine departments around the world. Fellows learn and work in a hospital setting with the world’s brightest medicine minds. With the fellowship, fellows will have the access to a broad range of opportunities, which include courses and seminars.

The fellowship will prepare motivated and qualified academic emergency physicians for medical and leadership oversight of out-of-hospital and pre-emergency care systems having advanced competencies in administration, EMS system as well as clinical care. The fellowship offers emergency medicine opportunities that benefit students.

Facts about the American Academy of Emergency Medicine

  • AAEM has more than 8,000 members growing and strong. They are offering numerous ways for fellows to be involved in training and learning modules.
  • AAEM is committed to fellows’ professional and personal well-being for more than 20 years. Their primary concern is to support fellows, their relationship with patients, their autonomy and practice their rights.
  • AAEM is the specialty of emergency medicine society. They are a democratic organization that is committed to their principles, such as giving the best clinical services.
  • AAEM is involved in the legal challenges happening in the corporate practice of medicine in big corporations.

Main Requirements for Fellowship

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience
  • Demonstrated initiative, integrity, positive attitude, teamwork, and openness
  • Certification that is appropriate to the applicant’s specialty practice by the American Surgical Specialty Board
  • Unrestricted and full license
  • Interest in pursuing professional excellence

faaem personal statement writing tips

Tips on Writing FAAEM Personal Statement

The personal statement is an essential part of a university application. It is your opportunity to show what makes you unique, aside from other documents that you need to submit. The personal statement should be excellent.

  1. Make a draft: When writing, you may be thinking about the word count or character count, but you should not focus on it if you are still writing a draft. You need to include everything you want to share with your readers because you can delete some words or compress your thoughts when done with the draft. Writing the draft is easier because you will not have a hard time inserting words and ideas later if you did not meet the word count.
  2. Take your time: In writing, do not rush. A great personal statement cannot be completed in two or three hours. You need a couple of days or weeks in completing the final piece. It is better if you take some time and rest so that you can concentrate and easily think of what you still need to write or modify when you go back to your draft
  3. Find the perfect expressions and words: Your personal statement will sound more professional with words, such as ‘accomplish’ than using ‘presume’ or ‘do’. It is better to use simple words than fancy words, too. Fancy words will make your statements hard to read. You do not want to this to happen, so you need to choose the perfect expressions and words to craft the perfect essay.
  4. Concentrate on your strengths: Whether or not there is a word count, you need to sell yourself. With that in mind, it is better if you write about your experiences, future plans, and knowledge. You need to avoid common writing statements, such as ‘I wanted to learn French, but I gave it up after a month’ or ‘I am not good at science, but I think I can understand it, even though I am not good at it.’
  5. Find a good opening sentence: Starting with something unusual, surprising, interesting or funny gives a great impression. However, you should not squeeze something funny that is useless. Do not rush into writing your opening sentence; just let your creative juices flow because you can think of a better opening sentence when you have more patience. In a critical care fellowship personal statement, you also need to have a good opening line that hooks the readers from the start.
  6. Make your essay your own voice, ideas, and work: It is suggested to avoid reading other personal statements, especially if you are writing your first draft because it can distract you from writing a great piece. Since you are unique in your own way, it is better to write drafts based on what you want to write. The personal statement is about you, so you need to write about you and not about others. To know more about what it means, you can check out emergency medicine personal statement sample online.
  7. Be honest: Do not write you are fluent in French when in fact you’re not. Also, avoid writing that you are a good problem solver, especially if you only know one trick in solving a math problem. In your personal statement, you should not create a false image because the truth will come out sooner. What you need to do is to think carefully about the theme, story, and details to write. Follow this tip in writing FACE personal statement to come up with a realistic and unique essay.

Advice from the Experts in Writing the Personal Statement

Juliet Farmer:

  • Consider your audience: It is important to know or ask who will read the essay so that you get an idea of what they want to read and what they expect from a personal statement.
  • Address motivation: The essay is a testimony to your desire, so you need to address it. You need to convince the readers that you want to become a part of their organization and that you can contribute to their community.

David Ellis:

  • Where to begin: Your first line should be handled with care and ensure that you write it with a striking opening sentence with a suitable tone.
  • Check obsessively: Do not purely rely on the Word processor. It is better if you read your essay multiple times to check for mistakes and edit ruthlessly.

Before applying, make sure to know enough information about the Fellow of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. In the process, you will have a better idea of what a good essay should include.

Write a winning FAAEM personal statement today!