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vascular neurology fellowshipThe human body is perhaps one of the most complex of organisms that can be found today. While it may not seem much at a glance, a closer look can show you that it takes a lot of nutrients and inner mechanisms to keep the human body running the way it is. In fact, you can note that compared to all the amazing machines that we can put together and build, the human body will always be the most complex of mechanisms we have ever encountered and we have yet to discover its full potential. Here are just some of the more important parts of the human body you should take care to remember:

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  • The Nervous System: The nervous system is by far the most important system of your body. It’s where your brain can be found after all and is by far the most complex of all the systems of your body combined. It connects to just about every other part of the body and there are few parts of your body that don’t have a single neuron (the basic part of the nervous system) in it. The nervous system is composed of the brain, the spine and all the other neurons that connect to the body.
  • The Circulatory System: The circulatory system is another very important system of the body as it supplies all the parts of your body with precious oxygen and nutrients. Like the nervous system, it permeates just about every inch of your body save for the upper layers of your skin and the inner recesses of your brain. The basic units of the circulatory system are blood cells and each one is capable of carrying plenty of oxygen and nutrients to supply the various needs of the body.
  • The Muscular System: The muscular system is essential to the body in that it is our muscles that allow us to move and act. However, it plays a variety of other roles in the body that are very important for its continued functioning. There are actually three kinds of muscles in the body which include straight muscles (what we use to move), smooth muscles (the muscles that line our stomachs and intestines and facilitate digestion) and of course cardiac muscle (what composes our heart) that connects it to the circulatory system.

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The Vascular System

Now, to find more about vascular neurology fellowship, let us first understand what a vascular system is. A vascular system is the combined systems of the circulatory and muscular system. They aren’t exactly that separate after all as the heart is actually a muscle along with many of the blood vessels that carry blood to the rest of our body.

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