ERAS Fellowship Application Process

eras fellowship application onlineERAS online serviceallows medical students to find a suitable residency or fellowship program and apply to it almost effortlessly. Nevertheless, you need to be well-aware of the application process and your responsibilities in it. ERAS fellowship application process slightly differs from the one which students applying for residency go through. Our professional fellowship personal statement writers will give you an overview of ERAS fellowship application to facilitate the application process.

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Features Of Eras Fellowship Application

Firstly, to start your ERAS fellowship application process, you need to request for your tokens from EFDO (Fellowships Documents Office). It, in its turn, will provide you with the access to your personal profile. Afterwards, you will need to complete your MyERAS application which consists of selecting the programs you would like to apply to, filling up the information fields and assigning the needed documents. Our experts from emphasize that you should apply to as many programs as you possibly can in order to raise your  to find the fitting one.

It is your responsibility to research everything about the fellowship programs before you apply to them. Application deadlines, eligibility criteria and other parameters vary greatly from program to program, so make sure you know everything before you act. Our service insists that you should contact the programs in order to clarify everything.

If you want to succeed with your fellowship ERAS application be attentive and submit your application before the deadline (May 31st), for no fees can be refunded if you have missed it. After the documents are transmitted to the fellowship programs both by you and by EFDO, all you are left to do is to wait for the responses and then go through the interviews with the matching programs.

ERAS Fellowship Application Help

Naturally, the outcome of your fellowship ERAS application is hugely dependent on you. Nevertheless, there is something our service can do for you – help you with your fellowship personal statement writing. Expert writers from have medical background and know what it takes.

Create an impressive fellowship personal statement, which is an important part of your fellowship ERAS application.

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