Endocrinology Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

endocrinology personal statement sampleBeing an endocrinologist is no easy business. You need to make sure that you are always on top of your game to be certain that you can have a future as an endocrinologist no matter where the world may lead you.

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An Endocrinology Personal Statement Example

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Endocrinology Fellowship Personal Statement

Diabetes is a silent killer that takes over your life. It runs in my family, and I have had to watch many of my family members lose their eyesight and lives to the disease. My focus during my undergraduate and graduate studies was on the role of insulin signaling in diabetes progression, and I hope to continue this research in my post-doctoral years. The prestigious fellowship in endocrinology will provide the tools I need to elucidate further errors in insulin signaling pathways that may lead to an effective treatment for diabetes.

Throughout my years in endocrinology, I have sought to approach diabetes research from many angles. I worked at the University of Florida’s Immunology laboratory, where I looked at the role of autoimmunity in type II diabetes. Afterwards, I pursued my doctorate in Endocrinology with a focus on insulin receptor induced mutations that were caused by accommodation to high levels of blood glucose. My thesis mentor Dr. Bing Yu and I proposed a benchmark threshold of glucose in the blood, beyond which insulin receptors begin to acquire these selectively activated mutations. My goal is to design artificial proteins to prevent glucose binding to these insulin receptors, thereby severing the link between high blood glucose and insulin resistance. This fellowship will allow me to hopefully design a protein-based vaccine to serve as a deterrent for diabetes onset.

Of course, my work in diabetes research will not stop after my post-doctorate. I have received an offer to work at the National Kidney Research Institute after my studies, and I look forward to continuing my research regarding diabetes with some of the leading endocrinologists in the country. Considering this is an epidemic that is growing in proportion to the development of a country, diabetes is a problem that needs an effective vaccine. Through this fellowship and my future research, I will dedicate myself to making such a treatment possible.

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