Apply These 4 Awesome Techniques to Edit Your FACC Personal Statement

Keeping friends with the similar profession and interest will not only help you have something in common to talk about but it also allows you to widen your network and improve your knowledge in the field. This is one of the main objectives of the FACC doctor organization. The following article takes you to the process of the fellowship application, tricks for medical fellowship personal statement and ways to edit your FACC personal statement.

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Interesting Facts about American College of Cardiology Fellowship

Here are some interesting facts about the fellowship:

  • American college of cardiology fellowship is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1949.
  • It has more than 52,000 cardiovascular physician members
  • Its goal is to help improve the heart health of the community it serves and to develop its members’ skills and knowledge.
  • Being a fellow member of the FACC improves your credential as a cardiologist as it keeps you on the top of your field of specialty. It makes your professional designation recognized by one of the well-known medical organizations in the country.
  • Membership can help you save money up to $1,800 per year for free publications, discounts, and products.

FACC Application Requirements

The following are FACC fellow application requirements you need to accomplish to apply for the fellowship.

  • A complete cardiovascular training. You should have accomplished the highest standards of cardiovascular care in a recognized institution.
  • Has acquired a full-time academic and/or cardiovascular or cardiovascular-related job in an institution. You should have a full-time job as a physician or professor in an institution.
  • Dedicates at least 75% of your professional activities to the field of cardiology. You should be an active member of a group that promotes cardiology health.
  • Accomplished application form. Forms are available online for download.
  • Two(2) Letters of Sponsorship from a current ACC fellow. This serves as your references.
  • Certificate of Medical or Doctoral Degree
  • PhD Certificate if available
  • A bibliography of non-Board-certified cardiovascular physician
  • Payment of Annual Dues
  • Payment for Nonrefundable Application Fee

how to edit a facc personal statement

Specific Features of FACC Application

Just like any other organizations, FACC holds its own policies and procedures for selecting its members and fellows. The following are some of the specific features of FACC application you need to consider.

  • The selection of new fellows is based on the applicant’s credentials, professional and academic achievements, experience and training, and contributions in the field of cardiovascular medicine.
  • FACC reviews application twice each year:
  • Filed applications by May 1 will be reviewed in July
  • Filled applications by Oct 1 will be reviewed in January

4 Techniques to Edit Your FACC Personal Statement

In editing your cardiology personal statement, you need to consider the following key points:

  1. Read your work aloud. This allows you to hear yourself and catch any possible error that you might have overlooked while writing your FACC personal statement. Reading it aloud also help you spot for awkward words and poor sentence structure.
  2. Ask someone to edit or review it for you. Ask a friend or a family member to read your personal statement. Another pair of eyes can help you spot any error you might not have seen yourself. Getting help isn’t bad especially if it is the better essay that you can create.
  3. Rethink if you followed your outline. At the start of the writing process, create an outline. This serves as your framework on how to organize your content. After writing, check your outline if you followed accordingly. Also, it would help if you check if you have included only those from the outline or if you have to remove unnecessary points.
  4. Ask a professional help. Look for writers who specialize in writing medical fellowship personal statement like this. You can ask for a free quotation and see how we can help. Get help online from service teams that have proven track record in the writing industry and in helping fellowship applicants.

Quotes from an Expert

The following are some of the inspirational quotes from famous cardiologists.

  • “Angioplasties are a little like potato chips. You can’t have just one.” – William Castelli, MD
  • “Who is a person least likely to have a heart attack? He is an effeminate municipal worker or embalmer, completely lacking in physical and mental alertness. He has no drive, ambition or competitive spirit. He has never attempted to meet a deadline. He has a poor appetite, subsisting on fruits and vegetables. He detests tobacco. He spurns ownership of a television set or a motor car. He has a full head of hair and is scrawny, unathletic in appearance, yet is constantly straining his puny muscles by exercise. He is low on income, blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol. He has been on nicotinic acid, pyrazide, and long-term anticoagulant therapy ever since his prophylactic castration.” – Irvine H. Page, MD
  • “Reading a technically poor echocardiogram is like looking at a polar bear in a snowstorm.” – Lynn Y. Zoiopoulos, DO
  • “If you can’t be a vegetarian yourself, the next best thing is to eat a vegetarian from the sea,” – William Castelli, MD

Get information from these quotes from the experts and become a better doctor in the specialty. But before that, learn about the ways on how to better your personal statement so that you will gain an edge in the application. After all, your success of becoming a professional in the future begins with a successful application.

Edit your personal statement before sending it over to the fellowship. This is very important to ensure that everything is correct and in proper places. It also saves you from embarrassing yourself in case an error comes up during the review process. Our agency helps applicants as you write and polish their personal statements in applying for fellowship degrees. We have written numerous documents like FACOG personal statement and much other cardiology related personal statements. Check out our website for more information.

Follow this guide and improve your chances of writing a winning a FACC personal statement today!