Apply for Perioperative Medicine Fellowship with a Perfect Personal Statement

Applying for a perioperative medicine fellowship program may be one of the most stressful parts of your career as a physician. Not only is the competition tough, but rising above the rest of the candidates proves to be tougher.

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perioperative medicine fellowshipA personal statement is what defines you at this point. It is what sets you apart from the other candidates. It is first and foremost a story about yourself. Apart from that it should effectively persuade the admitting body that you have what it takes to train on their perioperative medicine fellowship program.

A surgery fellowship personal statement should highlight your capabilities and your qualifications for entering the program.  It is a story of your professional life which relays the experiences you might have had which made you decide that this program is for you.

Your personal statement is basically your professional autobiography. It should highlight your strengths as a physician, adding an additional luster to your fellowship application. Essential to your statement is your goals and your plans several years from now and how this training may help you reach your goal.

However you may feel that you know what to write and how to write it, it cannot be more emphasized that you should start weeks to months in writing your statement. Even the experts of writers and physicians write and rewrite their compositions until they feel that they have perfected it. Do not rush your writing. Put a lot of time and mind in it.

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Although one may think that a professional statement is a purely professional writing that comes with a patterned application process, they cannot be any more wrong. A personal statement is exactly that, personal. It should be a comprehensive introduction of what type of a physician you are and what kind of patient’s cases interest you. Keep in mind that your past experiences should be one way or another related to the perioperative medicine fellowship that you’re applying for as this highlights your genuine interest in the program.

How to Write Perioperative Medicine Fellowship?

Emphasize your uniqueness. Although many applicants may be in line for the position, your personal statement gives you the chance to relay your importance and your one-of-a-kind qualities. Express what makes you the best candidate for the position. Your statement should be convincing enough to make them read through it until the end of your composition.

Your personal statement should point out your most important attributes. Concentrate on your strengths. Although honesty should be present all throughout the paper, mentioning your weaknesses and your negative characteristics may not be very helpful to boost your application.

Identify your top priorities and the things you care about. Associate these things with the reason why you decided to push through with the program. This gives the impression that not only is this important professional decision, but also an emotional and personal as well.

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