All You Need to Know about Clinical Informatics Fellowship Personal Statement

In applying for clinical informatics fellowship, one of the requirements is to submit a personal statement. The opthalmology personal statement writing should be personal and original that reflects your achievements and accomplishments.

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Application Process for CI Fellowship

UCLA: Applications to the physician informatics fellowship at UCLA should be submitted through ERAS. Paper clinical informatics fellowship applications will not be reviewed and the applications received will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

UCSD: Applicants should be board-eligible in any clinical specialty.

Note: Depending on the institution you are applying for, you are required to submit certain documents, which include three letters of recommendation, personal statement, test scores, transcript of record and others.  Take note of these to become successful and work on entry-level medical engineering jobs or medical tech jobs and others.

Clinical Informatics Fellowship Programs List

  • Stanford University: The University is offering an ACGME approved clinical informatics fellowship. The clinical informatics fellowship Stanford is for clinicians who want to further their training in the wide area of clinical informatics. What is health informatics fellowship? The fellowship is for fellows looking for research training in computational and quantitative methods.
  • UCLA: Clinical informatics is a scientific discipline that is focused on effective use of biomedical knowledge and information in health care. The goal of the UCLA clinical informatics fellowship is to develop leaders with expertise in health information and biomedical information technology. The program gives fellows the training that is aligned with the ACGME guidelines.
  • University of California San Diego: Successful applicants will have a strong clinical background in pursuing clinical informatics and health. Applicants will have the chance to work as faculty physicians in two emergency departments of the university. The fellowship goal of the program is to develop great clinical leaders with expertise in health IT and informatics.
  • Yale University: The Yale clinical informatics fellowship is a two-year program providing the best clinical training for fellows.
  • WUSM: The clinical informatics fellowship WUSM provides the best education for fellows. It is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.
  • Harvard University: The clinical informatics fellowship Harvard helps fellows learn all the aspects of CI.

Tips on Writing the Personal Statement

personal statement tips for clinical informatics fellowship

The personal statement shows whether you can write a coherent and clear essay that is grammatically and logically correct. In writing the personal statement, you need to explain things such as gaps or weaknesses.

  • Do not rehash your resume to apply for CCU fellowship programs: The personal statement is not about recounting your honors and activities because it is where you need to present your best traits and personalities that other applicant do not have. You can check this nephrology personal statement sample for more information.
  • Make it personal: Show to the admission committee why you decided to enter medical school. Was there any activity that changed your way of thinking? Was it is your experience in school? Use anecdotes and vignettes to write a story, and make it sure it is a pleasure to read.
  • Avoid controversial topics: As much as possible, you need to avoid controversial topics such as political issues. It is better to write your own story than criticizing others.
  • Do not get too creative: The medical establishment is a scientific community that is why you should not bore your readers by writing “I want to be a clinician because…”
  • No apologies: For example, if you have a grade C in physics, you may feel you need to justify it. Unless the circumstances require you so, do it, but if it’s not, then do not make any excuses. You are not required to give the selectors a road map of weaknesses.
  • Write many drafts: The key to having a good flow and clarity is to write many drafts. You should not be contented in writing one draft. It is better to proofread, proofread and proofread.
  • Start ahead of time: In writing the personal statement, you need time that is why if you have a plan applying to a fellowship program, you need to write your essay weeks advance to have enough time brainstorming, outlining, editing and revising. Always remember that a rushed personal statement is not a good help in your application.
  • Think about the admission committee: In writing the personal statement, think about the selectors and ask yourself what they want to know. The selectors want applicants who are articulate and intelligent candidates, so you need to show what they want by writing about your passion to become a clinician and by writing about your experiences.

Help of Personal Statement Fellowship Service

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Finally, the personal statement is your chance to sell yourself by showing what you have, such as great experiences, extracurricular activities and personal accomplishments. Always remember that the key for a perfect essay is a good flow and clarity.

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