4 Best Practices of FASPS Personal Statement Writing

Do you need help with FASPS personal statement or ways on how to write a personal statement for fellowship? Podiatric surgeons are podiatrists who completed postgraduate medical, perform reconstructive surgery as well as surgical treatment the foot and ankle. They are dedicated to treatment and diagnosis of foot and ankle disorders. Bear in mind that only qualified podiatrists are allowed to perform a surgery.

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What Does a Podiatric Surgery Include?

Podiatric surgery includes surgical treatment of the foot or surgical management of joints, soft tissues, and bones of the foot. Normally, the surgery is being performed as a day care procedure, and some of the conditions treated include arthritis, problems caused by bunions as well as inflammation of foot tissues.

What Is Podiatric Surgery?

A podiatric surgery offers assessments to patients having ankle or foot problems that cause activity limitations and pain. It is applicable for persons who are facing problems in their bones and joints.

General Information about the American Society of Podiatric Surgeons

ASPS advance the skills and knowledge of podiatrists in the surgery area of the foot, ankle as well as governing and other related structures. They also give valuable information and expertise in advocating for all podiatric surgeons. American Society of Podiatric Surgeons ensures that all its members and other physicians interested in gaining skills and knowledge in the area of foot and ankle have access to ASPS. The group is the surgical voice of APMA members to support and promote its initiatives and missions. The American Society of Podiatric Surgeons is dedicated to podiatric surgical research and education.

Requirements for FASPS Podiatry

  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Settle application fees.
  • Complete GPA minimum requirements.
  • Have a certification.

What You Need to Know about the Podiatric Surgery Residency

Podiatric surgery residency is a program that accepts residents per academic year. It is designed to provide residents complete exposure to their patient needs. The good thing is that residents will care for patients in outpatient clinics, hospital and multidisciplinary settings. This residency program offers a great emphasis on limb salvage with a strong focus on patient education. Depending on the school you are applying, some of them offer surgical internships that give residents with skills and knowledge to care for hospitalized and surgical patients.

Rotations include emergency medicine, family medicine, infectious disease, endocrinology, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, radiology, general surgery and others. Additionally, the podiatric residency program also focuses on podiatry as a whole and with an introduction to research. Residents take surgical procedures, whether emergent, elective or clinic. The residency also helps students to know about podiatric surgery procedures.

fasps personal statement writing steps

4 Best Practices for FASPS Personal Statement

Here are some practices you need to take notes so that you know what to consider whenever you need to write a personal statement. These practices will help you to write exceptionally:

  1. Answer the questions being asked: It is important to answer the questions and stay on the topic. For each idea, you need to make another paragraph and to explain clearly and effectively what is being asked and what you want to say. Be sure that your answer fits the specific questions. The admission committee wants to know you more with great answers to those questions. You have to keep in mind that you need to stay on topic and keep what you write related.
  2. Tell a story: Think in terms of demonstrating or showing through your concrete experience. One of the things you should not do is to bore your readers. You can avoid this if you have statements that are lively, different and fresh. If you able to distinguish yourself through your story, then you can be sure that you will become memorable for your readers. You will not be easily forgotten. Also, take note that stories can be written in many and different ways. It only means that you do not have to write in a strictly chronological order.
  3. Be specific: Your personal statement should not be general. You need to give specifics. For instance, do not write that you would become an excellent doctor unless you provide evidence and specific reasons for your potential. This means that your claims or your desire to become a physician will be logical if you back them up with a specific experience.
  4. Tell what you know: In the middle section of your personal statement, you can write about your experience and interest in the certain field. In here, you need to be specific as much as possible and relate what you know about the field and ensure to use language that the professionals are using in conveying such details. Keep also this tip in mind when you write a DDS personal statement.

How to Write a Personal Statement for Fellowship

  • Do not write what you think the committee wants to hear.
  • Avoid using vague, empty and overused words such as beautiful, challenging, meaningful, rewarding, invaluable or very.
  • Do not overwrite minor points about yourself.
  • Do not repeat any details that can be found in other materials or documents, unless you use them in illustrating a point to make further explanations.
  • Do not emphasize negatives or to make excuses for yourself. Also, do not overload your personal statement with positive things about you. Stay humble. It is better to balance and weigh what story or information you will write your essay. Make sure you do not sound too proud of yourself.
  • Avoid sounding funny. Do not try to make jokes about writing your personal statement. The admission committee is professionals, so you also need to act like one by presenting a great essay.
  • Do not get too personal about politics or religions unless they are an integral part of your story.
  • Avoid including footnotes. You are writing a personal statement and not an article or blog, so you don’t need to include these in your story.

There you have the things to know about a podiatric surgery. If you are applying for it, make sure to submit a complete application. You also need to construct a tremendous personal statement to get the attention of your readers. In addition, you must do well in writing the essay so that you will be remembered and show that you are qualified to become a part of the program. You should not miss the chance to become a certified podiatric surgeon – follow these tips for your success.

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