4 Amazing Ways to Make Your FSTs Personal Statement Better

Getting a great fellowship position in emergency or palliative medicine requires you to compose a top-notch FSTs personal statement. All personal statements for fellowship purposes are difficult to write, but putting together a successful FAAEM personal statement is something else entirely. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can improve your writing, and you can even take things one step further with the help of an experienced academic editor.

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Need-To-Know Facts about Field Support Terminals

The role that is informally described as field support terminals refers to all the tasks that are completed outside of the hospital environment but still within the field of terminal care medicine. This commonly involves a hospice setting, in which the end-result is prepared and educated doctors who fully understand palliative care nursing and other aspects of end-of-life care.

Consider some of the most useful facts about hospice care education and the programs and colleges that can give you this vital knowledge:

  • Of the many ways in which you can gain more experience in medical terminals, one of the best methods is to take advantage of all the learning opportunities provided by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. This esteemed group offers a range of seminars, conferences and study tools.
  • One thing you may not have realized about medical terminals is that the level of care necessary in such cases is actually only possible due to a wide range of support services. It takes a fully interdisciplinary approach to provide the right care for hospice patients.
  • There’s a surprisingly large number of patients who use hospice care in America. Even when you consider the Medicare figures alone, more than 1,300,000 patients spent at least one day in hospice care in 2016. This huge quantity alone is one of the biggest reasons why you stand to learn so much from hospice care education.

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Top Universities for Terminal Care

Different colleges are known for their expertise in certain areas, and this simple fact is true of terminal care medicine as much as it is for any other subject. Some universities are renowned for their excellent approach to this field of medicine, so you should check them out and make sure your personal statement fits the bill:

  • Boston College, Massachusetts is a great college for learning all there is to know about nursing in the palliative sector. They get an average of 29,000 applicants every year, but as many as 28% of them are successfully admitted.
  • New York University offers a wide range of medical programs, including palliative nursing at the doctoral level. Despite applicant numbers reaching nearly 60,000, almost a third of them are accepted into their chosen program.
  • George Washington University provides you with a chance to study palliative care in the capital of the whole country. Competition is tough though, and you will want to make sure that your personal statement hits the mark.

The Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Statement

Writing great personal statements for fellowship purposes is no simple task, and it really pays off to ask an expert for their considered opinion on your efforts. Whether you’re struggling with your first draft, or you’re polishing off the final version, you need the support of a professional academic editor if you want to maximize your chances of success.

Take a look at the some of the most effective tips shared by our statement writing experts.

  • One of the most crucial aspects of your personal statement has to do with demonstrating that you are fully aware of the demands of a healthcare career. Shadowing a professional team in a hospital setting is always a wise idea not just for your statement, but also for your own personal development. Writing about your work experience is a completely different experience though, so you ought to ask a professional for their input.
  • It’s particularly appreciated when prospective medical students and even fellowship applicants have undertaken some degree of voluntary work. You need to show that you’re a well-rounded person with a genuine interest in society rather than looking like someone who just wants to pay lip service or jump through some bureaucratic hoops. Use this part of your statement to build upon your work experience instead of repeating previous qualities and characteristics.
  • Writing the conclusion of your personal statement is your last chance to tie up all the various parts of your existing text. Avoid adding anything new at this late stage, and instead, you should focus on your suitability for medicine based on the qualities and attributes you’ve outlined in your writing. This is particularly important in palliative medicine and terminal care because it really takes a special kind of person to succeed and thrive in such an environment.
  • The most effective method of improving your personal statement is to directly ask for the help of a genuine expert. When you outline your experience and qualifications, it’s hard to know how to express them in the best possible way as you are too close to them. Even when you take a step back and try to critique your own work, it’s just not that easy. Instead, get hold of a trustworthy professional editor who can pick your writing apart and put it together to be stronger than it ever could have been otherwise.

Quick, Easy and Effective

It’s never been easier to write an FSTs personal statement that portrays your achievements and personal character in the best possible light. Get in touch with expert fellowship personal statement editors and you’ll start your dream career before you know it. Leave it to the professionals and you’ll be sure to reach your full potential.

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