3 Tips about DDS Personal Statement You Can’t Afford to Miss

Do you need help in writing the DDS personal statement or fellowship personal statements? There are many universities or schools offering a DDS degree, but getting into one is no easy task. If you want to get a doctor of dental surgery DDS degree, make sure to apply as soon as possible to prepare all the requirements. In the DDS degree, you are required to write an essay and checking dental school admission essay sample to help you know about formatting and structuring.

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General Information about DDS Degree and How It Differs from DMD

DDS degree allows fellows to get the profession they want, as it offers a broader scope and a comprehensive curriculum. When it comes to the difference between DDS and DMD degree, the answer is only one letter. Both DDS and DMD indicate that a person is a certified dental medicine doctor. Even though there are differences in the curriculum, the American Dental Association considers the two as identical. Anyone with a DMD or DDS is qualified to a general dentistry practice.

DDS Degree Requirements

Admission requirements

  • Education: All candidates are required to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited US university or college.
  • Prerequisite coursework: To meet the prerequisite requirements for DDS degree admission as well as to gain needed background for dentistry study, the following education requirements should be completed before a dental program matriculation:
  • Biochemistry: Three semester hours
  • Biology: Six semester hours
  • Chemistry, inorganic/general: Eight semester hours
  • Chemistry, organic: Six semester hours
  • Technical writing/ English composition: Six semester hours
  • Physiology: Three semester hours
  • Physics: Six semester hours
  • Microbiology: Three semester hours

Recommended courses:

  • Cell biology
  • Anatomy
  • Business
  • Computers
  • Histology
  • Ethics
  • Communications
  • Three-dimensional art
  • Additional biology, physics and chemistry courses
  • GPA
  • Dental admission test
  • Physical ability: Applicants should perform manual and physical functions that are necessary to dentistry performance.
  • Three letters of recommendation

Note: Check the site of the program to know if it is needed to submit required advanced degree.

Main Parts of a Doctor Surgery Dental Program

  • The Doctor of dental surgery is a research-based qualification that can be taken part time or full time.
  • The Doctor of dental surgery is a program aimed at dental professionals who want to develop high-level research skills through an original research.
  • The Doctor of dental surgery aims to deliver high-quality research, patient care, and education.
  • The doctor of dental surgery program is a degree to which the applicant can be admitted upon completion of a dentistry education.

dds personal statement writing tips

3 Tips about DDS Personal Statement Writing

Writing an essay is a dreaded task. If you are having a hard time writing your DDS personal statement, here are some tips you need to keep in mind so that you can construct a draft:

  1. Prepare an outline of your ideas: To write a successful personal statement, you need to organize your thoughts. You need to take what is in your head and put it in a paper so that you can see the connections as well as the links between ideas. The structure will serve as the foundation of your paper. You can use a diagram or outline to jot down ideas and to organize them. To make a diagram, write your topic in the center of your page. Draw 3 to 5 lines from your topic and write down the main ideas.
  2. Write the thesis statement: If you have given the topic or you already choose one, sort your ideas to the relevant categories. With that, you must create a thesis statement. Look at your diagram or outline. What are the main ideas? The thesis statement has two parts: stating the topic and stating the point of the personal statement. Regardless, in writing a DMD personal statement, do not forget about a strong thesis statement.
  3. Start writing: If you already gather all the ideas and write them down in your notes, it is the time to start writing. In the body of your essay, you must write explanations, arguments or details explaining the topic. Every main idea should be written in a separate paragraph. In the introduction, you need to develop your thesis. You also have to get the attention of your readers from this part. For the conclusion, give only a summary of what you have written or discussed. However, don’t  mention new ideas you didn’t mention earlier.

Advice from Experts about Fellowship Personal Statements

Alex Heimbach:

  • Insight into your personality: In your personal statement, you need to give the commit a sense of your personality. You need to write what kind of individual you are.
  • Writing skills: You need to help the committee to see that you have the necessary skills to succeed. The essay is your chance to show what you have, so you need to take time constructing a piece that you will be surely proud of later.
  • Explanations: The essay is also your chance to explain factors that affect your school record. You can talk about a low grade and explain it, for instance
  • Reasons for applying: Giving reasons, why you want to become part of the school, is needed. You need to give specific reasons why you choose them, what they can give to you and others.

Ryan Hickey:

  • Know what the officers are seeking: You need to think carefully what is essential and what you need to write, especially if the program does not give any specific details on what you will write in your personal statement. With that in mind, make a research on what the officers want to read.
  • Personal: The personal statement should be about you and be about your personal experiences or any issues in your life. The essay should be about what has shaped you, your passions, motivations, and interests, among other keys that will let them into your personality.
  • Know the program and make connections: In your personal statement, write about professors in the program whose interests are the same with you. You can also write about a close-knit traditional college campus.
  • End with a strong statement: Help the admission committee to see what you want for your future and what you want to happen by ending your essay with strong statements that will be remembered by the readers.

If you want to get a certificate of specialty training, do well in the program. To know more about essay writing, you can check out personal statement sample for DDS for more ideas. An example will provide you with an insight into what to include and avoid in writing the paper. Check out the best samples or seek help from the pros to create you one.

Start writing your DDS personal statement today!